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When i forget as being in the pantheon of great pixar films but it is really it should be it should be up there okay cool ryan well um brad birds the fucking man numb first off and um at this point i've seen this movie so many fucking time so the first time i'd seen it the this used to be my favorite pixar movie i really do like this movie a lot um but i've seen it a lot and uh so at this point having seen it you know now i'm kind of honestly a little sick of it heavy vertically frank but i still don't you know i knowledge that had some fucking rise just doesn't do anything for you anymore he adds calmly i've i know what's going to happen though no new if unease this time watching it i mean the i i had a big epiphany when we made our earthling cinema episode on this subject in a while ago 'cause i kind of had not really thought about the whole like count fucked up way you can take the message of this movie you know which girls were mula loida highlighted for us yeah that was fun we like you know if you gotta be bordin special or you know don't even try is essentially the the met the moral right you're all year we're definitely going to get into that yeah so anyway i i um this movie has a lot going on i like it um and then in terms of favorite pixar movies i at this point i mean i'm gonna go toys story one cocoa to who while and then toy story three and then probably inside out and then incredible okay cooler okay well yeah ryan is by ryan's always the guy who has a list in his head i i can ever really make definitive this choices on which is the which is better which is worse but yeah i remember seeing this movie in high school and i've ever seen it with my friends and we all really enjoyed it i think this was early on in the pixar pantheon where was first coming upon the realization that oh yeah these guys nail it pretty much every time and i really liked the.

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