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We <unk> leadership stores to hospitality a hospitality leader in every restaurant not not only to do the training and all that sort of stuff right but role model out of their own natural earth analogy the behavior we were trying to retraite trade in the netto able i think research took like today is when we will lead to one check legos cuss hurt i research now that tells about your spirits and ranked the things that you really love <unk> light fifteen years ago twenty years ago the top five or collider <unk> food-related now top five or six rows people engage the food zamel. It's the brand is is is more engaging more daring because the service component house yet tap then than the food although we haven't uncompromised <unk> in india served very innovative korean food so huge huge show true leader stands up makes running across in wool tech als <unk> of change this we are talking talking with steve robinson the author of covert cows and chick-fil-a how faith thousand chicken built an iconic brand and if you've been listening we've been talking about all those things and so there are a lot of other great great stories and lessons in the book including about the cow campaign and and including the grand opening process. If you don't know anything about the grand opening process you learn more about that in the book so so so steve now that you've retired at least from the chick-fil-a part of your career here and now you're in the author part of your career. How's that sound author stevenson so my question go ahead. I'm still adjusting. You're still adjusting well. My question is what is something that you do for fun. What do you do for fun. Oh man i i love spending time with my wife. She not or just celebrate for seven years of marriage so we can greece <unk> jealous company a lot we travel and spend time with our family and i love being with my grandchild rafts or on the run fourteen kim <hes>. My kids both live in atlanta so we had the the gift of being able to see the family often. I love to play golf a workman the yard that's the farm kid and you their autism outdoors. I'm one of those. We're actually lifespan grass three <hes>. Tom and diana both enjoy entertaining hosting people at our home sweet home in atlanta home north carolina so we china she's got hostility but so we jordan <unk> beautiful and before we start to wrap up one of the questions that i ask people regularly in in life in general anchorage anyone who's here listening watching to to do this when you meet someone smart from us some interesting. He ought to ask them what they're reading and i've been doing that here since i started this up since i started this podcast so i ask you that same question steve. What are you reading now or what's something you've read recently and matter what it's about just curious a great question i i tried to have a daily habit. I'm pretty good at it. I have a daily habit of reading one chapter of proverbs every day. After scoring a lot of great management leadership books out there yet scott better than the bible particularly the book proverb <hes> it promises in the first chapter. If you want wisdom standing i read this book so i have a daily hamra. Reading proverbs tried to have daily aber reading some songs wants just to keep my perspective who i am and who i am not ghattas worthy of worship <hes> racer racer <unk>. Just i'm reading the second time <hes> eric matteis this book on seven men which is a snob sabar fees on southern the great men leaders to the favorites in there for mere washingtonian bond offer <hes> also read useful book on bond offer which john mason amazing story a couple of weeks ago disrupt finished reading a book by chuck swindle. Who's fernley a pass through north dallas. I think one of the finest not only pastors theologians in america he wrote a book on call if possible possible and it is really a character study of call was he paul chain <hes>. You can't help learn a lot. What about his leadership. What made the man click. It is just amazing story. He is swindle says he is the ultimate blend of grace and grit so i love book i wrote recently only read <unk> written by forget brian's last name on fox friends what he wrote on triple eight <hes> the history prevent that whole region and chrysler wars not warwick awards bannon <unk> yeah the middle east and the role of the obviously role of arabs and muslims in our region are and the history of western civilization relation dealing with that pulp anywhere those are some of them are favorites last thirty days awesome and we'll have links to that stuff in the podcast notes if you didn't. I know that anybody you'll find them there. So before we go the questions t._v. Probably wanted to ask you most. Where can people learn more about you in the book and get connected with you any of those sorts. Thanks for the books available in retailers in fact i was in a barnes and nobles <unk>. They've got the new the new releases wreck so i was going to say and battled the amazon or audio. I have a website site for my consulting business. S robinson consoling dot com so i can be reached there. You can also find me on facebook in linked in and all of the logical place so thank you for that now. I have a question for all of you who have been listening to us for the last little bit and the stories that steve has been sharing my challenge to you is now what and i think while i ask you this every week. Of what are you going to do with this s. I think maybe that's especially valuable today. As you've largely listened to steve tell us stories about his time at chick fillet and what he learned are there in certain situations. My challenge is to say what do i take from that that i can't apply not not to say you need to go get a job. Chick-fil-a although maybe you want to do that that's not my point join in other words my challenge to all of you is to think about how do i reflect on what i got what i heard and what i learned from steve and turn that into something thing of value for me as an individual member of a team or as a leader on the team. That's my challenge to you as it is every week to think about what's next. What do i do with what i got so steve. Thanks so much for being here. It was a pleasure to have. You spend those excuse morning. I'm like sure it. I'm bert rightfully career ahead and tricks like this number grateful for this to thank you all right and everybody before i go let me just say that. If you would love to know more about what we're doing with the show get connected with some other things that we're doing an even-handed how the podcast evolves you can do that by joining our facebook group. You can just do that by going to remarkable podcast dot com forward slash clash facebook. I hope you'll do that. I hope you'll come back for another episode because we're here every week rather smart interesting leadership expert or expert leader thanks so much we'll be back next week with other episode of the remarkable leadership podcast <music>..

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