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I'm David Chalian, the CNN political director. This is the CNN political briefing. Here's what you need to know in politics for Friday August twenty first. Joe Biden urges America to turn from darkness to the light also discussed the US postmaster general in the hot seat and a look ahead to next week's Big Republican National Convention. Joe Biden achieved a decades long goal when he accepted the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in. Wilmington. Delaware last night. He did. So with a forceful speech that will certainly poke some holes into the questions around his mental acuity that Donald Trump continues to raise but he painted as stark a choice for Americans this fall as we have ever seen. The current president is cloaked American dark for much too long. If you entrust me with the presidency. Albion ally of the light, not the darkness. United, we can and will overcome. This season of darkness in America Biden said that character and decency and science, and the democracy are all on the ballot. He raised the stakes no doubt. But did so by presenting a hopeful alternative to the trump era, that's what that whole ally of the light moment was about. He made sure to include a lot about his family the grief he suffered the empathetic Biden was on full display through the biographical videos. But he went beyond that he went to a place of painting a picture of an America in a post trump era. That is free from this sense of darkness. He believes the president has sort of cast upon the land. These are the kinds of terms that this election is being disgusting. It is no small thing. We are long past presidential elections where voters can say there's really no difference between the two and I think Biden really leaned into that last night to set the stakes for the fall. Now Circle September twenty, nine, th on your calendar because it is one thing for Joe Biden to a forceful speech reading from a teleprompter it will be Another thing when he goes toe to toe with Donald Trump at the first presidential debate in the fall, and that also raises the question about what the fall looks like. Now that the Democratic convention is done now that they successfully pulled off the virtual thing right now to my colleague. Jeff Zeleny. No plans from the Biden Campaign for Biden to campaign in person right now, that may not be what we see from trump and pence. We've seen them out about much more often and I imagine that's going to ramp up in the fault. Now.

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