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Almost bootstrap the parents who brought these young children to the united states at some point so that if and i believe that was overturned in court i i don't know what the acronym for that was awesome was called what dapa dapa deferred action for parents yes of new arrivals yes exactly an and they're trust me there will be an effort to bootstrap them in two this amnesty too even though it's a logical me for all these years we've heard well these are kids who did make the choice to come here illegally they arrived this kid so you know logically within why would we if we're going to do an amnesty it should be ford van not for the parents who did make the decision for them to come here in the average age of as i understand that these these kids who at one point were kids now is around twenty three twenty four twenty five years old 23 at one 23 the average age some of them actually read the us military as the president mentioned today it's is a small number yet there is okay um i would think that volunteering for the us military for someone who's a non citizens should be be an automatic path to citizenship i agree with you definitely all right jessica blunt thank you so much we're going to open up phone lines and and get reaction to what you had to say i know it's been a long day for you that is for sure uh it'll be interesting to see how this evolves in the next few days as it seems as if one crisis sort of overtakes and other we've had hurricane harvey now we have hurricane erma this new news problem uh that that that that sprang up last night a little bit of a a difference of opinion between the participants at this dinner in tonight we have career nahhas north korea firing off another longrange missile over over japan living in the pacific ocean so let's see where we go on this gotta get you back in studio at some point in the.

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