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State local or recycling fees offer ends on December fifteenth Vandervell from the ida traffic century ninety you to drive responsibly really as a matter of life or death now the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill a few flurries early today are a little bit like stone areas west and south the city in particular that becoming mostly sunny for later on this morning or this afternoon another cold on the hive just twenty five little bit breezy so feel even colder than that becoming mostly cloudy tonight a law banning out early tonight around nineteen that study or rising temperatures overnight mostly cloudy blustery on Thursday without a thirty to forty two because the little light rain or snow late the day north northwest of city but most of us dry Friday mostly cloudy forty one Saturday cloudy with a chance of light rain mixing with changing over to some light snow maybe some minor accumulations hive thirty seven and falling during the afternoon Sunday partly to mostly sunny cold again with a high of twenty seven until we get the double jump with the center thirteen right now in a row it's fourteen and here sixteen at midway on the lake front the wind chill this morning is one of twenty seven year old woman he is dead her parents are struggling to recover this morning after an apartment fire our last night Chicago firefighters say it started sometime before ten thirty at near eighty nine to just team that's in the Brainerd neighborhood when firefighters arrived they could see flames shooting from the third floor of the U. shaped building here's a deputy chief of fire chief Carmel leader Wiley Earl one of the tenants in some states they were we leads to be the mother and then located fifty seven year old woman the mother of the woman who died is listed in critical condition with smoke inhalation the father fifty seven year old man is in good condition a former elementary school principal in Aurora is facing jail time for not reporting possible child abuse Matt willing him was found guilty yesterday violating the mandated reporter law prosecutors say he failed to report an allegation made by a man who claimed his nine year old step son was touched by school social worker at o'donnell elementary school William resigned from o'donnell after being charged last year he'll be sentenced on January twenty eight the principle of Beulah park elementary school in Zion is facing sexual abuse allegations dating back to his time as an educator in Kenosha principal Curtis toll free is charged with three counts of sexual assault and two counts of exposing genitals to a child this view of park parents spoke with WGN is like really ridiculous people need to be warned about who they hire is schools and be more careful Zion school district six says there's no indication of wrongdoing by toll free against their students his charges date back to two thousand eight he's been placed on administrative leave a Chicago man was released from prison early yesterday after thirty five years behind bars WGN Vic Vaughn tells us why Gregory Nash was sent away back in nineteen eighty three for rape attempted murder and robbery he always maintained his innocence he claimed he was tortured into signing a confession by detectives working under disgraced former Chicago police commander John birch the sun times reports under the deal to of Nash's convictions were vacated with two stipulations he's unable to seek a certificate of innocence and has agreed to four goal compensation for time spent in prison they call on WGN near one of Galina's bed and breakfast is looking to offer gas something they'll only find in Illinois starting in twenty twenty a pot shed Robert in Douglas may and own the Aldrich guest house in galena they say they're going.

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