Live Joy Your Way With Kamini Wood


We are on the get off. Actually showed this time with his comedy would comedy. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us today. Absolutely. Thank you for having me. You're the founder and CEO of live Joy your way and the authentic me Rise Up program. What's it mean to live Joy your way. It means to live life as you want to live it and to let go of external expectations and external validation in a nutshell. That's a nutshell and boy, is that one heck of a nutshell. I mean, that's that's something that Honestly is not that easy to do. No, it's not it's in truthfully. That's the core of my work. It's really working with people on letting go of the home Outsourcing of their self worth and really defining who they are for themselves rather than from some external Source where I think we are preconditioned from a very early age to do with yes, and it seems like it with with the Advent of social media. I'm assuming you probably see a lot of this but I would think with the Advent of social media. This is really made things more difficult in that regard. Absolutely. I think what ends up happening, even when we think that we're mindlessly scrolling dead-end subconsciously or sometimes consciously comparing ourselves to everything that we're seeing and it's really hard for our minds to wrap around the idea that those are just snapshots of birth. Snippet of somebody's life that they're putting out there. I equate it to, you know people's curbside right the curbside appeal but we don't actually know what's happening inside their house and whether it's a disaster or not, but we are comparing Our Lives to that quick quick snapshot curbside view. Yep. I I totally agree. I I talked to my patients about it as it sort of sort of the same kind of analogy as a as a curated museum display. Yeah. That's exactly we we choose what we put up there to to put out these specific images that have been carefully crafted wage filtered. They got the filters now to witness the filters and I mean even face tuning software now so you can log Digital digitally manipulate your appearance and oh my goodness that that creates all sorts of Havoc. Yeah. It's yeah, it definitely definitely breeds this whole comparison thing right where we we think that we need to match or meet some some external definition of what is a pretty enough good enough smart enough any of those enough. So yeah, so, how do you go about helping people? In that way so that they can start feeling like they're enough and not not just feeling but I mean owning it knowing it owning. Yeah, a lot of my work centers around them uncovering what those false centers or false beliefs are that each individual is carrying a lot of times when we're younger we are in it doesn't have to be a traumatic experience. It's just experience as we have that we end up internalizing those experiences or those messages we've received and they play subconsciously in the back back of our minds. And so that's where we identify with those what I refer to as wage loss centers and it's about just seeing them. It's not about trying to undo it or in to fix it cuz we can't we can't go back into the past but it's about really understanding what they are coming to an acceptance of that page then stepping into a more generative place no longer being reactive to it, but being generative and asking ourselves, who do I want to be how do I want to show up and threw that powerful questioning in that work home? About really setting the intention in the vision of what a fully actually want to show up as and then what are the steps? What are the tools? What are the strategies? What are the pattern Interrupters that we have to put in place in order to shift into that new way of showing up.

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