Dr Vivek Murthy, Strohmeyer And Biden discussed on Chicks On the Right


Potent weapon. Dave and Ivan President Biden wants a nationwide mass mandate will roll out his Corona virus task force today, one of its leaders former surgeon general Dr Vivek Murthy thing, it will be implemented by working with governors. But instead, if they refuse, he will go to the mayors and county executives to get the local masking requirements in place. Along with the mask Mandating wants to re engaged with the World Health Organization. That's foxes. Actually Strohmeyer, Utah, joining other states making wearing a mask pine public mandatory until further notice, and for two weeks Republican Governor Gary Herbert not allowing people to have social gatherings with anyone outside their immediate household during his two week period and beyond. We'll test. More people have symptoms, and we will also launched a targeted testing program. For those who don't have symptoms. This is the number of new Corona virus cases topped 100,000 in the U. S. 1/5 Day in a row back to President Trump. He's still far from conceding, planning election like rallies and more legal challenges, his campaign senior advisor Jason Miller told Fox Business We're talking right now about the 2020 election. We're talking about President Trump. This is much more even about the entire future of elections in America. This is about election integrity. America's listening to Fox News. Lucky

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