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Partner and talked to Randy Sanchez from Miss Del Toro's there out of epic. Oh, tonight part of AMP. Concert. Now it's going to be An outdoor concert. With social distancing. I'll find out exactly how it's going to work. I hope anyway from Randy Sanchez. He's a member of the guitar player from this otras. Oh, and let's see what else is going on to 30 today. Steve Louder. About a new app that has come out and I have indelicately described it this week. If you've heard is basically a car that you that you carry. It will turn a certain color. When somebody else that you have been in contact with it some point Test positive for Koven. And I've Yeah. Handsome, indelicate characterization of the card this week. That's it 2 33 o'clock today. Former resident of Santa Fe. Best selling author. You just heard an ad from him during the Tom Hartman Show. The book is called How Trump Stole 2020. Greg Tell Estelle join us from Los Angeles, formerly Of Santa Fe was an investigator for the D A's office and 3 30 today from the reporter, Santa Fe reporter Catherine Loon. And at some point hopefully I can find a couple of minutes and remember To give away $25 gift card to Joe's. Maybe you could go out this weekend. Maybe even as early Well, not tonight. I had I have to military. I'm sorry. So it wouldn't be this week and have to mail it to you. So, you know, next week next week is good enough to get out and get your pizza on or fish and chips or Chocolate mousse cake or Spaghetti. Whatever. So hopefully at some point, I'll remember to do that. All right lot, and we have news. Oh, and by the way, we have news to talk about. If you didn't see the story today and the new Mexican exemption card if you have If you know people who have if somebody flashes this that you if you go into let's say a convenience store. And ask the Cashier was your face mask. Um and they flash you This faith masked exemption card. It's fake. Any mice will tell him. Hey, By the way, it's fake. You know that fake right? You're required to wear a mask, right? I'm gonna contact your employer, right? We work to that point where people are actually flashing these things I've had people at local convenience stores. They know I'm you know, I'm I've got. I've got a doctor's exemption from because I have asthma, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They just don't want to wear a mouse. So At this point is beyond. Your convenience, your comfort level. So the face mask exemption card. You know anybody that's going on. I mean, there are people obviously do you know anybody personally or are you one of these people who will just go to any extent any extreme not to wear mouse. I'd I don't know anybody personally. Who was that stupid that careless that unfeeling About people around them. No doubt there are Anyway, story in the paper today that you can read it if you want. AP Story about these fake fake I don't have to wear a mask aren't There are two great political stories. One is here in the state of New Mexico. And this comes because The executive director who I Offen bash on this show, Ryan Flynn. Former secretary of the environment under Susanna Martinez. Remember her pizza gate just hammered. Christmas party anyway? Yeah. You remember her? Only because of pizza game. She didn't do anything for this state anyway. And then he went on to become the executive director went straight from the Environment Department to New Mexico Oil and Gas Association. And then posted video at a big conference for New Mexico Oil and Gas Association. We're going to be the most powerful organization in the state. Recently he came out and said something nice about Sochi Tourist Mall. In her campaign with Yvette Herald, Zoe, the Democrat Yvette Harold, Republican. He says something nice about the Democrat. Oh, my God. Above a can party went berserk. Oh, Stay piers today You're basically here and I got this email little while ago from the Republican Party in Mexico Republican Party. New Mexico chairman statement on industry leaders calling for removal Of New Mexico on gas executive director. They want him fired now. Because he says something positive about the Democrats. One day you're the most powerful Yeah. Romano in New Mexico the next day, Because you said something I don't Maybe off. Maybe you're drunk. I don't know. You know, he has the he had allegedly, um d u i That was covered up allegedly by the DEA in Albuquerque in Burlington County, the current D and Al Kurdi allegedly anyway, so I don't know. You know he was the island may be trying to be objective. Maybe trying to tell the truth, which Might have been a first So Ryan Flynn. Now the Mexico Republican Party calling for his head. The long knives are out for you, Ron. Run for your money, son..

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