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No elevated risk is acceptable of any kind. So it's a step forward. But we need to continue to advocate and fight on this matter. Baseball hall of Famer Jim Thome as local resident who's mother-in-law died of liver. Cancer living near storage annex and his father in law has a brain tumor. This is personal to us because of Andrea's mother. And her father enough is enough we need to eliminate this. Let's all come together. Local officials and activists want that operation closed permanently. They demonstrated here in the loop. Craig Delamore NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. Four members of a militant California based white supremacist group have been arrested on charges of traveling to Charlottesville last year to incite a riot in attack counter protesters at a white nationalist rally that turned deadly from California US attorney for the western district of Virginia Thomas Cullen, these folks were members of organized group engaging in criminal activity in multiple jurisdictions. And for that reason they race to the top of our priority group is ram or rise above movement their affection for social media helped investigators both identify them in document allegations. Benjamin Drake daily Thomas. Walter Gillan, Colin white and Michael Palmer Selous all face up to ten years. Masella lost his job at Northrop Grumman after he was identified in a story by PBS frontline and propublica that same story led to the end of a. Camp Lejeune marines career there is four CBS news, Charlottesville, low gas, prices, traffic and weather together. Next WBZ news time, eight thirty five. Remember when a Cup of coffee at home put you back about a nickel that was a long time ago. Sure. But at hills brothers coffee, we still believe that a great Cup of coffee shouldn't cost an arm and a leg it shouldn't take six words to describe ten minutes to make or acquire amount of whipped cream..

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