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And there was panic city C. J. C. centers for disease control US break our question of when not if it couldn't be bad American shorten brace CDC urges Americans to prepare for corona virus outbreak this might be a bad the virus what are you going to do here is the substance of the story Americans should brace themselves for an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus two up in their daily lives that's a hell of all warrant Schnur twenty everybody in there you would need to be prepared for your lives to be up ended well you better be you better your life is about to be up ended do you know what that means no your life hearing up ended it means what's up is down and what's down is up including you your life is going to be up ended that's just the first paragraph let's move on to the next one it's not so much of a question of if you have this all happened in this country anymore but a question of when this will happen so the centers for disease control and prevention's Dr Nancy Meissonier reporters somebody quick find out who she donates to politically M. E. S. S. O. M. M. I. E. R. Dr Nancy CDC one of five help who she donates to next sentence we are asking the American public should prepare for the expectation that this might be bad okay how would you prepare for something that might be bad remember now there's not a corona virus shot like there is a flu shot there isn't one of those so what are you gonna do next sentence Michelle Neff a director of the CDC's national center for immunization and respiratory diseases outlined what an epidemic here could mean for schools and businesses but with a number of cases in the United States right now is fifty seven I just saw it on a map fifty seven known cases United States she said that the schools should consider plans to divide students into smaller groups or using internet based telescope like so keep the kids at home maybe don't let them go to school don't let them in the incubator now that comes up in your life it next sentence for adults businesses can replace in person meetings with video or telephone conference calls and increased teleworking options so the CDC is telling everybody right now keep your kids at home and keep yourself at home and don't go anywhere and communicate with people via face time their fifty seven cases no new cases reported cases in the United States the CDC on Monday announced I'm sorry it's fifty three I was wrong by by the CDC on Monday and also now fifty three confirmed cases of coronavirus new US including people evacuated from the diamond virus cruise ship in Japan and from the city of Hansol the fifty three cases are people who contracted the disease while not here how many of the fifty three have died it doesn't say so we'll have to just wait to anyway so the CD and now there's a market selloff the Dow was down about six hundred points now down eight hundred twenty four eight hundred and twenty five points and the drive by media is showing video clips of Donald Trump in India down playing the corona virus say we got it handled we've authorized two and a half billion dollars to get started on research and planning on this stuff Alex a czar who heads the department of health and Human Services appeared before Congress said that's what we're doing we're gotten full speed and that's what Chuck Schumer said not enough money criticize trump for not caring enough by not putting enough money at it so that's that's all I'm I'm sure a lot of people are going to be a properly concerned his night at CDC telling everybody stay home don't let your kids go to school start communicating with people on facetime or some other teleconference manner that you have that just isn't practical that just that isn't going to happen I'm back now to the the stories that I accumulated here on the panic related to Bernie Sanders the next one of my stack is by Niels damage today if the hill M. V. the headline Democrat rivals have seven days to stop Sanders rival Canada ten just a week just stop Sanders if they hope to prevent Bernie from taking the party's presidential nomination now one seven day what what is well because of super Tuesday coming up a week from today if they don't stop burning but he doesn't know how to have it happen how you stop it his current trajectory set to carry him to at least a top two finish in South Carolina on Saturday from there he looks a likely to roll through super Tuesday on March third harvesting huge numbers of delegates in California another large states it's eminently plausible that by the end of March third that night crazy Bernie will have jumped onto a delegate lead that none of his rivals can reel in especially given the likelihood that more than a half dozen other major candidates remain in the race four hundred fifteen delegates in California it's not winner take all there but if he wins most of the popular vote will get most of the delegates seven days to stop crazy Bernie so all here is the there is this nozzle French lingo there Thomas Lopes Friedman from The New York Times who believes that the United States needs to have a government more like the check comes eleven or twelve really smart people making all the decisions about everything and Friedman thinks that he should be one of the eleven or twelve because he was an Obama workshop on employment even though his expertise supposedly foreign policy so his idea is Democrats you want to defeat trump you need to form a team of rivals you know this is a take off on Abraham Lincoln's cabinet Lincoln's cabinet was composed of a bunch of people didn't like each other and some of them didn't like Lincoln and the theory was that if you have a team of rivals in there that you'll you'll eventually find the truth yeah and the and the solution to any problem because you'll you'll find a way to weed out all the all the bias so Friedman what I didn't know when I first saw the headlines know quite what this meant form a team of rivals to defeat trump if this election turns out to be just get get this by the way this is the opening sentence if this election turns out to be just between a self proclaimed socialist and an undiagnosed social path we will be in a terrible terrible places a country how do we prevent that so trump is an undiagnosed social path and crazy Bernie is a self proclaimed socialist and that's a self proclaimed communist so Thomas Looby Friedman says that's all I'm thinking about right now my short answer is the Democrats have to do something extraordinary they have to for J. national unity ticket the likes of which they have never forged before and that's true even if Democrats nominate somebody other than Sanders what would this super ticket look like well I suggest Sanders and Michael Bloomberg seems to be as most viable long term challenger to lay it out this way I want people to know that if I'm a Democrat nominee either in these will be my cabinet choices my team of rivals he said D. stealing here from Lincoln I want Amy Klobuchar's my vice president her decency experience in moderation will be greatly appreciated across America particularly the Midwest I want Bloomberg or Bernie as my secretary to treasury Sanders a secretary treasury Bernie Sanders there won't be a treasury it will be empty it won't be any money anywhere fox credible I want either Bloomberg or Bernie as my secretary of treasury our plans for addressing income inequality or actually not that far apart Bloomberg Bernie's aren't this guy's insane and if we can blend them together will be great for the country a little reassuring the markets I want Joe Biden is my secretary state Thomas he doesn't know where he is he is running for the Senate now he thinks he talked with Deng Xiao ping yesterday you want your secretary of state I guess that's to continue to cover up whatever's going on in Ukraine with hunter Biden no one in our party knows the world better or has more credibility with our allies than Joe Biden man these people have lost nobody knows nobody in our party knows the world better has more credibility with allies than Joe Biden I will ask Elizabeth Warren to serve as health and Human Services secretary no one can bring more energy and intellect to the task of expanding health care for more American than the Americans than senator Warren I want Kamilla Harris for Attorney General I want Cory Booker to become sector housing I'm what mayor Peters homeland security this guy is literally suggestion every Democrat you've ever heard of plans right now to be part of whatever administration a nominee is that's the only way to be trump and by the way folks I was not asking rhetorically let me go back through the CDC story find it here I don't remember I asked somebody to look up who does Dr Nancy Meissonier donate to well let me tell you Dr Nancy Meissonier sister our I guess brother is rod Rosenstein Dr Nancy Meissonier of the centers for disease control and prevention who's urging everybody to not go to school and stay home and teleconference all your communications Nancy messenger is it says sister is rod Rosenstein that can't be because Rosenstein's not a woman so I'm assuming it if it means brother here so there's a reason why I ask this question so you've got here the CDC urging Americans to prepare for corona virus outbreak might be bad could be bad keep your kids at all don't worry what might be bad we have fifty three cases it might be better good to stock markets plunging okay this person running this agency who does she donate to well her rather is rod Rosenstein I'm guessing let me I need to double check this because what I'm seeing here is missing a sister is roses and less Rosenstein had a sex change operation like that can't be right you about joining rush twenty four seven if you become a member that's when you can watch the program on the digital camera that's when you can 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