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Zia at that time and becoming aware of their relative ignorance about what it really meant to be muslim i think one point to make the in this era much of north africa population has heard of islam they may have nominally converted but there isn't a deep understanding of what it means to be muslim so the arrival of ebenezer seeing teaching these tribesmen is part of a very long process of gradual islamization of people's within north africa and they adopt this particular form malecki cynicism would g have meant to the i'm more of his we brought them back from mecca all does this preacher anyway they turn out to be let's call them the sec not useful very tough can you tell me more about the so i mean in terms of thinking about jehovah's pose there's i guess to two elements to it one is obviously the sense that we're most familiar with today in terms of fighting but there's also the sense of struggle sort of internal struggle moral struggle and so forth and i think both of those elements are important for the moravians so as amira says this this idea of sort of trying to educate the the that's unheard of bubbas in islam it's very important to have in your scenes kind of to his message so it's it's partly about sort of an idea of trying to unite the strive under a particular form of islam so it's through some three fighting but also moral reforms well in education who's rahu principles ron unite them.

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