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Gillette Stadium, Commonwealth, Massachusetts discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Been listening to governor Baker addressing reporters in of FoxPro from outside Gillette stadium wore the latest testing facility for first responders and medical personnel has been set up the governor talking about a much bigger platform needed for adequate testing across the Commonwealth saying that his administration will continue pursuing new ways to do that like this station at Gillette stadium we talked about the importance of protecting front line workers and their families and the people with whom they are coming in contact on a daily basis further updating the governor talked about one hundred ventilators is sent from the federal stockpile which were impacts this morning and he imagines they will be distributed over the course of the next twenty four hours and of the importance of contact tracing a thousand people expected to be deployed across Massachusetts this week to reach out to anyone who is that close contact with people who test positive for covert nineteen now perhaps the most significant question that I heard asked the governor during this press conference was very simple one are we ready for the search government you're saying it is hard to tell when you are dealing with something that is absolutely unprecedented as this epidemic is exactly what is coming down the pike he says the administration is not looking at's between the tenth of April and the twenty eighth as the peak time when we'll be seeing the most positive cases and the most fatalities from this social distancing flattening the curve may have pushed that peek out a little bit he says remains to be seen and the government response to this epidemic needs to remain nimble we'll be bringing you more throughout today right.

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Gillette Stadium, Commonwealth, Massachusetts discussed on WBZ Afternoon News

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