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At nine AM on talk twelve sixty am in one or three point seven FM. Where women those born is women. Those my densify as women and those who support women will shape, feminist ideas. Inspirations and reflections that are shaping our world today come on into the Braves space where we break it down together. Richard even show voice of Santa Fe on CRC. Santa Fe's news, John leader. In. Yes. Pretty four minutes after three twenty four minutes to o'clock on a Friday afternoon. Twenty four minutes have the two fifty degrees right now. Dorming around. Definitely snowing up in our mount snowing up in house inhaling down in the town of as we speak. I don't know if you had a chance to look at the story today front page story in the new Mexican by Andrew doctored. The New Mexico state is looking at and they've already had some. Some approval on opening a campus New Mexico state campus in Mexico. San Louis Potosi. It would be funded by private investment. But it would be as a campus of New Mexico state university. You'd be be Mexican versions of aggies. I guess they might set up a campus down there. I'm sure the they have to look at it..

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