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Soon that you're especially excited about we have some exclusives lineup, but they have not been officially announce yet, so I cannot talk about them, okay? Yes. There's some cool stuff coming. Okay Fair enough. If any of our listeners have any questions about the service. Where can they find you on the social media's? Will? They can email me directly at Adriana at midnight. Movie Society, Dot Com, and that's a D. R. I A. N. N. A. I'm also on twitter, at EA, D. X. BB which sounds weird. It's a guitar tuning. It's the guitar tuning that Ricky Wilson of the beef fifty two used on fifty two girls. Wow, that is really in depth and thoughtful, and now I'm not GonNa Forget it. That's awesome. where else am I online this kind of Roy it I. Mean I have a personal facebook page, but that's just Kinda like personal charlotte, but yeah you can, you can reach me. By emailing me through my midnight. Movies -ociety account, or you can find me on twitter. In a cool, we share links to those in our episode description. Yes, it's totally fine, awesome and I just looked up the name of that movie. That is I'm out. It's called Tony from two thousand nine. I don't know that one I'm going to have to look it up. It doesn't say it specifically about him, but it might be loosely based on him, but there is another one called cold light of day from nineteen eighty nine that. Is A fictionalized account based on the actions of Dennis Nelson so that one's more specifically about him, but yeah. Tony is definitely. It's about a guy who kills men. He meets gay bars that he brings back back to his flat and basically the same thing his He's blaming like the smell of his apartment unclogged drains and everything and yeah, that that definitely sounds like it was inspired by absolutely Nielsen. Case why I've got some homework to do. Besides this podcast. What other podcasts have any? Do you appear on? And where can we listen to those good question, so I've been on? Two pod or three podcast now so far, one is called the shameless picture Interview Google that. Their social media pages come up. And, then I was at I. Recently I was a guest on the Alison. I'm a podcast and grew. Awesome while I'm. WE'RE GONNA list. Those right in our inner notes are episode notes, but thank you for sharing all of absolutely, and are there any like final thoughts? Final words that you want to say before we before we sign off I guess just thanks again for inviting me on the show to talk with you all and. I really liked it. There's a feminist our podcast like this on. There will thank you. Yeah, it was our absolute pleasure to speak with you and I would yeah I think we would definitely love to have you. On the show again to do a David Lynch, episode or Twin Peaks episode or Love that yeah or just like in general. So, you might be getting another email from us at some point like. Let's talk about this. Awesome, thank you so much for joining us. We really it was a pleasure. Yeah, thank you so much, thank you I had a really nice time. Are It will thank you all for listening to that interview? Like we said we will include all of Adrianus contact info the names of the other podcasts that she was in. If you want to hear more from her along with the movie and book recommendations that we discussed in. In this episode. If you have any questions for her that you would like us to pass along, you can email us at horrors. Talk whore at You can also email us there. If you WANNA, share any ghost stories creepy stories. You can tell us about the time you've met. One of your idols like Clive Barker David Cronenberg. We hope that you are all still staying safe out there and being kind to each other. And as always thanks for getting creamy with us. Sharing you on a beer? Oh my God..

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