Plenty of Fish releases list of 2021 COVID-inspired dating trends


Is the dating app plenty of fish, and they put out their annual list of dating trends that they expect to see more of in the coming year. A few of the trends on their 21 list have to do with covert 19. Dad. Rhona, here are 11 dating trends that they expect to see more of you in the coming year. Donna ready? Yes, I am. Just fall out of your seat. You're pumped about this? No, my microphone fell off its thing. Oh, Hold on, guys. Cash. I mean, literally name off. That happens. Sometimes there's like a loose bolt over there. Turn off your mike. So it's Oh, she's perfect back. Hey, guys say hi. Would I miss Not much I started to think about what do I know the difference between a knot in a bolt and I'm not totally confident I d'oh Vouching is a term Thatching is when you declined to date someone because you don't feel they're taking the pandemic seriously enough. Thatching. I don't like that because he's takes it more seriously than anybody. How it doesn't make sense. It's kind of the opposite. Or what about I felt you'd that guy. Oh, Like you should've waited for a few more dates I felt today felt until the third day. Ah, She has a three day fellatio. How sorry months. Desperate times call for vouching again is declining to date someone because you don't think they're taking the pandemic seriously enough. You on the flippy flop of that mask. Aerating masquerading M a s k masquerading. That's where you pretend to care about masks and covert 19 just so that people will date you. Oh, gosh. Put up like like a social distancing bumper sticker and all that, just so that people think that you are Ah, rule follower and In line with the CDC protocols. Okay, protocol. Yeah, I thought you were just means Apocalypse ing apocalypse ing. Treating every relationship. Like it's your last and getting too serious too quickly. A third of single people know someone who's done it. Apocalypse in. Yeah. Her. I can see how people would be doing that. It's the end of the world. Let's get together. Ah! Zoom land Oring. Yeah. Sorry. Zoom, slandering, huh? It's like the movie Zoo Lander. It's people who won't stop checking themselves out on camera while you're on a zoom go. That's kind of hard. It's distracting.

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