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Though he does not feel the touch of the young man skin a cold shock travels up his arm and he shivers he picks up his keys and loads of shovel onto the wheelbarrow he's suddenly angry although he doesn't know why what do they want from him he digs slowly the air is thick making it hard to breathe overhead ugly gray clouds hang low swollen with rain the cemeteries quiet waiting he catches a glimpse of his favorite coast he stops in watches as she glides tortilla she's an old lady very fine clearly a woman of great importance jewels sparkle on her fingers enter neck her white hair as braided on her head like a crown her long burgundy silk dress floats gently about her he tips his cap in deference as she passes the ghost turns her head in says something to him but continues her walk curious he slowly trails after her in the field of empty plots the old lady halts she stands there waiting nearby leaning against the chapel he waits too soon the ladies joined by other ghosts hundreds of them more than he's ever seen before young and hold some dressed in burial gowns others in their finest they all stand in the field weighty he holds his breath suddenly it rains ghostly faces tilt heavenward boni arms extended pleasure the cemetery breeze palpable sigh of relief the rain trickles welden coal doves back sneezes though you'll probably get sick he doesn't move he continues to watch the ghosts and enjoy the storm one beckons for him to join them but he doesn't although they are clearly happy the muted home of their words scratches painfully at his brain.

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