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But they they all feel like liberal ends is fine they don't love it like apparently she let the ribs sit in the sauce for welshman krugman the sossulin the somehow this awesome sick or whatever didn't have a lot flavor so she had issues but it was fine he was fine yes and one of the players is like i'm going to judge this mac and cheese based on my grandma smack of gsm any he's like grandma would not approve and tonga's yet the smacking cheese rammed the wrong route am i right well flicked louder foothood for the matches said 'gattaca field goal in citadela put kick such back um so yeah than the mustache charles pama is like yeah you know with tailgating get a lot of typical stuff like we wanna do something interesting 'cause gil logical stuff like chile and pamic irs was that a dig at chris in kerry for making chile because i liked that the dig at is that was hilarious were you making a dig at the smiling rodeo clown who makes toast on purpose good do it again say another will do something about gale do gale now my favorite badmayev this episode is luke she goes up to the man she has all right mayor well i'm sure you have a lot of city business so by i'm going to say goodbye to you now you know city business and all that he's like a so my rib by.

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