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Right afternoon. We'll we'll talk shop with you. We were talking about the death of fashion legend, Karl Lagerfeld and true to form even in death. He's ordering people around, of course. So people magazine had this story about you know, that he was famous for his perfectionism. So he left a link the manual. Excuse me with detailed instructions about how he wanted to be remembered, it was a five page document. He started by instructing employees to remove all atoms from his store windows and simply place one bouquet of white roses and a company statement on display. I mean, it's hard to imagine ordering your team to do this. But how do you tell I made? It was also like it was down. It was the white roses with the clear vase. Yes. Oh, yes. He wanted them. Not only white white play. He didn't stop. There wasn't just white roses. Locally purchased. A white flower bouquet out of white roses in needed to go in the middle. Don't put it off to the side in need to go in the middle of the window. According to an and there are photos it has happened. It is on display in the windows of historic. Oh my gosh. The roses needs to be exactly one hundred and twenty centimeters lie. No. I love. Can you imagine? Well, I better get to work. I mean, I have no idea what I whatever. Well, I think I mean when you think about it though. I mean, why wouldn't they want to do that? I mean, I would like when we were reading the articles this morning. I mean, they had four billion dollars in sales literally in two thousand and seven it went to fourteen million by two thousand seventeen. I mean, it's like this was somebody who really understood the business, and you know, I mean when you watch those shows the sets and the details, I mean, everything was done at a certain perfection level. That was just beyond. Yeah. No funeral. He didn't wanna funeral. He was cremated. And he wanted his ashes scattered with his mother and late partner. Jacques Boissier is that it. And didn't want a ceremony. But he he said he had told the New York Times in twenty fifteen that he would die on the spot. And that he was he would never stop working. And he worked till the nobody knows exactly how old he was. Well, they say close to eighty five right? But there is a dispute about any. Did you have you ever seen a photo of him not in his famous tall, white collar? No and black suit. I mean, I wonder what I mean. I mean that would be that's what's so interesting as a breeding, the, you know, like all of the like the supermodels doing their tributes sensitive to him and talking about their experiences in the dinner parties, and how they would finish fittings, and he was so lovely, and they would get to go downstairs and sometimes have little shopping sprees and things like that. You know, you read like all the inside. And it was all really good. But that's so interesting that you say that is no one ever talked about behind the scenes did he come out of that wardrobe? Was it alerts did he let us ponytail down, you know, you ever ever seen? I mean, the the most I've seen is him in a sparkly jacket as opposed to a black jacket. Right. Always the high white collar, and it's kind of funny, isn't it? When you think about I've always been I've always been struck by how many big designers, you think about Armani and somebody that had sort of this uniform that they always wear the same thing. Meanwhile, we're supposed to be buying thousand dollar pieces and wearing different things everyday. Well, I'm one of the funniest things I wanna uniform that I read this week about his passing. And that I thought was really really interesting was there was a trend forecast for Halloween that that would be his look would be one of the top costumes for twenty nineteen. Oh my God. Yeah. Well, very distinct, sure. I think the other thing that before we move on just to touch on is just the legacy of the kinds of shows that he created for Chanel. It was not your typical runway show. No, just the theater of it all and the the way that he I mean, just the kinds of spectrum of a favorite funny because you know, he took over the line in one thousand nine hundred three and then even after all these years of following him. I didn't realize that when he first started. He had worked for Bauman. And then I I knew he was at khloe before he came over to Chanel, but it's really interesting because of course, he had Chanel Fendi and he had his own line, Laura. Line. You know, I will say I think one of my favorites which was like a more recent one there's two there's one that he did for resort. And if you have never watched Chanel show or online to view, these there is one that he did for resort where he set up the longest table and a circular kind of you and all the guests sat at the table and the models walked through. But it was set like something out of like Louie the fourteenth all done and silvers and crystals, and that was just specifically a resort show. The iceberg and recent history was amazing. You remember when he did the supermarket? Oh my God. I love the supermarket was amazed. I love the space that he did. I loved kind of like the the farm arena of things where he did more the rodeo. I mean each year they just what they would come up with maginitude and so different than so regal. And, but you know, also looking back at the close that would March during the day of like in the early nineties with the supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. The clothes and the way that it was put together. Like, there was a particular photo that I saw this week of like like, Linda Evangelista, and and Cindy in Cristiani may all in like, these cute pastel colors. Just having a ball, you know? And that's really interesting. It's really beautiful if you're a fashion person like I am. I don't think there was anybody. That was greater. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. You know who is really morning, but we'll be well taken care of Karl Lagerfeld cat. I know isn't that? So cute story shoe pet is going to inherit a portion of the three hundred million dollar fortune. Fudd leaves my hope is shaking your head like damn I wish there was a cat. Belts cat and the Instagram post with the little black hat and veil. Yes. Oh my God. I mean shoe Pat has lived very lavish lifestyle, and you know, must keep up. What she was accustomed needs her caviar, and that's part of it. Yes. Of caviar and chicken, Patty, and she only travels by private jet. Yes. Do we know where she's going to be living? Well, but you know, what what's really interesting. So I mean, she could fall back on her own influence if she ever does need to make a little cash because shoe pet Karl Lagerfeld cat has over two hundred sixty thousand followers on Instagram. Yeah. And a lot of that. Kitty has her own money from endorsements and different things. That's right. The spokes kitty for the German car, Opal. Ah? Yes. And she has helped launch makeup lines for shoe shoe Mira, and she the luxury cat line chess site Cheshire in Wayne, she's been the subject of two books, not one to two bucks. And she. Yes, she has her own little fortune as Karl Lagerfeld like to say, she's a rich little girl will be really interesting. According to French law. You can't will an animal. You can't will an animal and I loved his, quote, he was like, we'll get thing. I'm a German. Oh, wow. Tang. All right. Well, good to be maybe we should try to make friends. We have to take a quick break when we get back. 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