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Is that a guy i didn't realize i did that put me in a classification like louis c k said you are thirty thousand air all has to go to outer space okay and then come back to a moving object that scored six hundred miles an hour and you're going to complain about slow airplane wifi okay i digress all right go yeah that's pretty elitist okay guilty is but but anyway it was like charming the waters three different people sitting around a or unice stocks is that what you do oh yeah i'm doing this and i'm doing that were put more money to work and i just i can't help it anecdotally the that is never happened before me on a per airplane noone cares right yeah well that's been ever since i was a kid when i first started studying this stuff the people who try to time markets weather prime indicators is unbridled enthusiasm and that usually signals you're near atop now i don't know if we are near top i've no idea i'm not good enough to know wellknown but i but i know that when everybody's an expert that's when the when a sheep get shorn r a and that's you know we unite talked about it that that's when we are at a big disadvantage based on the way that we do things because in your clients rask media oday what's going on ice look this is the most expensive stock market in us history right so we know fundamentally the fundamentals earnings revenue growth all that kind of stuff it's an that's not what's driving this market right it's motion the tough thing about that is is it last tell alas and nobody really knows well is it just a moshe and because we are going to see business profits soar with the tax cuts and i.

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