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It's just these not to interrupted. But these are we start to put our faith in these things start to put our reliance in these things even the ouija board which everybody laughs. Whenever it's brought up. I did i did a chapter on it and i was even laughing about. I mean i never touched ouija board. I always knew as a christian growing up. Stay away from them. You don't wanna mess with it but when you go into the history of the wage board and you start to look at where it came from and all of these details about the fact that there was a medium involved in actually creating it you walk away and you say gosh. These are tools that people are using to put their faith in something else and many times. We're desperate we want to connect with the dead loved one you know. And that's it preys on those sorts of desperation and instead of putting our faith in christ we start to put our faith in any of the things you just mentioned or the ouija board or whatever it is it's gonna give us that immediate satisfaction when again it needs to be in something higher and above ourselves yes amen and thankfully that longing that we all have for something bigger for something spiritual. That's something that god placed in all of us. That's not something that you have argued so well like that. We need to just turn off and just deny exists but that spiritual curiosity that we have is thankfully satisfied in the spiritual reality that is stick -tated by god himself and his founding. Christ can you tell people again and how they can follow you where they can find your book anything else. You want to direct them to earn anything else. You want to say as well absolutely yes so if you go to playing with fire book dot com you can grab it. It's at walmart and amazon. And all the places that you know books are sold. And i would just encourage people and by the way you could follow me at billy hollowell to my website and all the socials but i would just say for anybody. Who's curious about the topic. Who wants to know more about it. Obviously grab the book but but really look at our culture. Look at what is happening around us. It is not a coincidence. That we're watching chaos ensues as we're moving more away from faith and don't be afraid to really dive in understand what is going on because i think it's so easy for us to get consumed by the politics to get consumed not that we shouldn't care. Don't misread me here but to get consumed with all of these details outside of truth outside of the gospel and it's really easy.

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