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His former law firms, then unpaid two point four million dollar Bill to the IRS. You know, look, I'll be happy to put my tax records and background up against the presence background in his tax records. Of course, he won't release any of that information. Of course, I haven't any one either. Now, he avenue Eddie, the tenacious California litigator made famous for representing a porn star is gearing up for a twenty twenty presidential run. But the questions over his finances remain, and they could become a sore spot on the campaign trail as creditors pursue him. And his former companies both the ligon avenue law firm and a shuttered Seattle coffee chain, which he says he no longer owed owns oh. Millions in unpaid taxes, and judgments, according to court documents and filings. Tax liens filed. In Orange County. Also show that Abernathy heads personally owed at least one point two million dollars in federal taxes on top of his corporate debts. Well, that's not the worst of it. Folks, the hits just keep on coming for this guy. He's now been a victim from his office because he hasn't been paying the landlord for his office evicted from his office ordered to pay four point eight five million dollars to a former employee. And this guy is lecturing us about Trump quick time out. We got all the other news either the caravans coming folks the question is what is President Trump going to do about it? We'll explore that with you..

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