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It plays to their strength like how strong they are. Like, a little bit more is let go. Like, you can't like, you know, I think with Lowry butler, PJ Tucker, and out of bio, I think it's been I think everything has fallen into line. And again, can they sustain? Can they stay healthy? But you're right. If you're a listen, if your top ten in offense with what they should be defensively, they got a heck of a chance. To play from a high seed this year. I will see the floor to you now. You brought up officiating, you and I have been. You're the driver of the eliminate the take foul the Euro fell, whatever garbage you want to call that fell. The clothesline bear hug in transition. You've been driving the bandwagon. I've been riding shotgun with you for 5 to ten years now to the point that I'm tired of talking about it. It's just unfathomable to me that the league even having created a rule in the G league, like the NBA owns the G league and they made a rule to try and stop this that they have not tried harder to stop it in the NBA. It drives me a bananas. I feel like it's just falling on deaf ears. They clearly don't care enough to do anything about it. You now, you've complained about it a lot, you're absolutely right, the world agrees with you. Basketball is good, bear hugs are bad. But now you have a specific proposal that you want to put forth to the world. Please Jeff van Gundy speak on it. So what I hate is that it's called the eurofoil because it's not, because they've eliminated in Europe. Fema basketball, it's two in the ball, right? So I watched John Moran against Golden State the other night. And draymond green basically tackled it at half court. And everybody wants more action. And there's never more action in an NBA game than in transition. So we should all be putting our heads together to try to give our players the best chance to create action. Like I said, the NBA, the way they've like, they've eliminated all the BS foul calls. I couldn't be happier. I think it's a better game. It's a better product to watch. But they can't stop now. They have to address this. I watched at Boston. I think it was Boston Charlotte game. And there were 6 called in a relatively take vowels in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes teams will even take them in the penalty. Like they'll just because players instinctively just do it. So my rule is you have a separate penalty situation. But it could be, you can set the number. It could be the first time you do it. The second time, the third time, whatever you decide, number wise, it's fair. But if a foul occurs with 20 or more on the shot clock, that leads to two in the ball eventually. Whatever you set the number. After the second time you do it or the third time. Or the first time I don't care, you could do it all the time. But obviously you don't want that in the last two minutes of the game because when you're coming back on a rebound, you know, you're going to foul right away to save time. So in the first 46 minutes, you have that. I think it's imperative. You do it not by if you're in transition or not. You do it because fouling should be punished. Fouling is not something that should be applauded. How about this? Run back and stop him in transition. You watch these fouls. It used to be a minor problem that used to just drive me crazy. Now it's taking away action from our fans. And as much credit as the NBA deserves right now for the new filing interpretations that they've put in that are being universally praised except if you're one of those guys who used to make a mockery of the game, they need to be held to account. I don't know what the rule is in the G league, but just make a first step. It doesn't have to be perfect. All we have to do is everybody acknowledge we are going to eliminate. I have no problem too with leaving it up to the referee's discretion. If you don't like mine, that's their job. That's what they should have discretion. They'll say that we want to take decision making out of the referee's hands. And that to me is ludicrous because that's like saying, I want to take decision making out of a point guard's hand. These guys are paid a lot of money. You know when a foul is a take Val, even if it's disguised, like it's got to be punished and punished harshly. And I think the radical step of doing it immediately. The competition committee should meet tonight. Institute it put it in tomorrow. Will there be growing pains? Yes. Who cares? Do it now. Don't wait. You don't have to study it anymore. It's an absolute like, I don't know what the right word is, but it's a such a negative mockery, a sham mockery. You have to combine two words. It's that good. I'm going with that dead. I just think and also the secondary thing which you don't see as much anymore, but the hacker whoever foul, if you institute something like that, because those always.

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