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Well coming up on eleven here on the big show block by win the big show with you today who has Mike just said what a difference a day makes We are still looking at some snow on rooftops but Wow. And yesterday was quite a surprise why well we're GONNA be talking more weather ahead some cropping weather coming up. Also, we continue our candidate profiles will be profiling randy fiend strip today he is running against a JD scholten bay brought. You're right now by the practical farmers of Iowa the section segment of the big show brought to you by practical farmers of Iowa and Andy is going to be on the road tomorrow. With clean water Wednesday practical farmers of Iowa. Young. Andrew have joined us on clean water Wednesday. In the past they have been talking about usage of cover crops and I believe that's going to be kind of topic. A for tomorrow was well, absolutely with our friends at Kirkwood Community College, of course, I'm proud.

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