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A bread pudding is that i am it's garbage might well it does something with your serotonin levels so you feel like worse than death what's nice about doing acid recently is that you have then since stopped being on acid and you can always feel grateful for not being on acid anything is what happened to me i didn't realize someone who was like stick out your tongue and apparently when you do that in a way it's not like here's a here's a vegetable known here's a nice little carrot now it's always going to be a drug that realize you take and the headmen this quite a bit academy in around and we were watching people do it as well and then you just sit there in the bathroom and then you realize the wall is like your next it's like the best tv show you've ever seen and then you just i say hunker down there a little while you hunger in their thought you died three o'clock in the morning so we were going to do a little bit of we have new information came in about the area rapist and all of it is nebulous and so this is why it's what does nebulous mean you hear that word sometimes it seems a merman is underwear that's what you'd call it the with the with the original night stalker i mean yeah there hasn't been nothing's been to crushing it other than they guy stand what's his name he's not speaking to anyone he's real grim about it is give anybody the benefit of the doubt of any sort of information so this is why we don't normally cover current events on last butkus because there's no conclusion will move slow once once the guy gets arrested the then you got to go through the trial process so we'll have a lot more when the process actually happens if he doesn't just play out and just takes takes the easy road i hope there's a big long trial there definitely will and i imagine in my estimation he's gonna be close to bt k where he's proud of his work load so it if you had seen bt on the stand folks limit tell you this it is one of the most upsetting things of all time he's such an ass.

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