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This is from unnecessary regulation are only about ensuring that broadband internet service providers have and maintain the keys to the internet this is the very first time that the federal communications commission has this of vows substantial protections for consumers online we'll have more decision means in a moment but first a quick guide to net neutrality from jonathan blake watching videos good morning everybody how are you guys streaming music checking social media should everything on the internet be equally accessible that is the principle of net neutrality and at the moments the company you pay to get online you're internet service provider cannot prioritise one sites all service over another think of it like a stream of traffic on a road cars driving at the same speed what if some could be allowed to drive faster will given their own separate road other cause could be blocked from the rodal together so a fool's enforcing net neutrality change companies like gugel an amazon for example could pay an ice p to provide a fast a connection to them your eyes peak could block certain sites or services and that she paid the more for a premium package some sites could be sense it for whatever reason one niece provide a keb reprioritised and others blocks it comes down to control of what we can access and what speed online so when will the changes come into effect given that there is already talk of legal challenges our correspondent yoga telhami specs me from washington shortly after the decision was made this is a vote that just taking place in fact an outside the headquarters of the federal communications commission here in washington dc and mid was a treat to vote from the five amendments committee and they did vote to repeal these rules that was set in two thousand and fifteen that ensure net neutrality now this is not in order or these a not rules that need to pass through con.

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