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All news all the time news traffic and weather for the bay area all news one oh six nine am seven forty kcbs it's monday the second of july twenty eighteen coming up on kcbs rescuers find all twelve boys and their soccer coach alive deep inside of flooded cave in thailand a cbs news update coming right up this is why cold woman who drowned while trying to save three kids who got swept out to sea is causing a thorny issue a refresher on beach safety they've ross has some thoughts on fixing welfare good afternoon i'm geoff bell i'm patty rising it's two thirty one cbs news update it seems like a miracle the third all twelve boys and their soccer coach found alive in partially flooded cave in northern thailand bbc reporter howard johnson says finding the missing after monsoon floodwaters washed away the entrance was tough this is a labyrinth of caves and caverns and tunnels flooded teams from around the world from thailand from the uk from australia from america all helping to try and find these boys but now that they have been found cbs's tina krause says it won't be easy to get them out authorities cautioned the operation isn't over yet the six mile long cave is filled with water and divers say the boys may need to learn the basics of scuba to make their way out but a cave rescue expert says taking non divers through a cave is a very dangerous situation even if the dives are easy one of the rescuers told the boys they are very strong cbs news update news time to thirty two people who claim they've been poisoned by toxic residue at the hunters point naval shipyard joined a twenty seven billion dollar lawsuit today against the company that was responsible for cleaning it up kcbs reporter sovereign says they marched around downtown san francisco in an attempt to hold the company accountable two thousand neighbors of the hunters point shipyard are signing on as plaintiffs in the case against tetra tech which admits to of its workers falsified soil samples leaving radioactive dirt on the former base attorney charles bonner says they want new testing more cleanup and tetra tech executives held responsible these people are fighting for their lives fighting for the health and they fighting for their safety catherine muhammed can't believe new homes are already going up on land she says has made her and her children's sick the ship got assured us that we were saying that nothing no toys and here i am ten years later suffer from cancer the residents and their attorneys tried in vain to serve tetra tech with the lawsuit but were blocked by building security who called the police company spokesman sam singer says tetra tech has completed cleanup and testing the soil is safe now in the lawsuit is without merit the allegations that are being made today in this twenty seven billion dollar lawsuit really cut and paste of allegations from a discredited attorney in san francisco doug sovereign kcbs family and friends are mourning the death of a forty seven year old woman who died while trying to save three children who were swept out to sea in half moon bay last night kcbs as my cogan says the tragedy is resulting in new reminders about ocean safety family members who were at cal ranch vh managed to save the kids but emergency workers were unable to revive the woman who was from pleasanton shalini gopi with the golden gate national recreation area says it's best not to be in the water alone you run a always be swimming with someone else just in case if you are swimming and you're cotton or a recurrent just don't fight it you wanna swim perilously shore but the key thing is to avoid getting into these situations warnke with a right cross as if you can't choose a beach with a lifeguard if you end up in a beach without a lifeguard for whatever reason you need to thank safety first at all times so you need to know what level of swimming ability you and your children and your friends have if you have young children who are nonswimmers your poor swimmers they should always be within arm's reach of somebody who can swim by colgan kcbs nastase don spacecraft is sending back incredible close ups of the dwarf planet series the spacecraft has been circling series since two thousand fifteen in june it reached its lowest orbit yet skimming the surface from just twenty two miles up the latest pictures released today offer unprecedented views of a huge impact crater known for its right salty deposits landslides are also clearly visible on the rim launched in two thousand seven with an ion engine don is nearing.

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