I Think, Therefore I Am...I Think...Can You Control Your Thoughts? W/Bonus Analysis Paralysis

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Moving forward but go figure but back. Today's topic that truly was a to. I took you on a train of thought there. But it's those those pesky negative thoughts and those feelings and those emotions so the question that i get asked constantly is. Can you choose your feelings. Can you control your thoughts. And can you simply think positive happy thoughts and live happily ever after and let me go back to the story that i laid out of this individual. What happened with that individual. Well we again. We acknowledged we owned up to these thoughts and these feelings and emotions. We again acknowledged that based on all the things that were going on in this person's life in the way that they live their best life and their values that they had that they live by their senses of being doing of of being a people person of being connected with others of of getting themselves out there in the wild and talking to people that based on all of those things that again of course it made sense why they were struggling the way that they were but then they still had these value-based goals of providing for family or connection with other people. And so we plug that into the acceptance and commitment therapy framework which then said if they are truly going to follow in go and strive for these value-based goals that save just connection with other people. Then the the story that they're trying to hook them on the fact that they just didn't feel like doing it became somewhat relevant. I mean we acknowledged it but it. But it's of course you're gonna feel like you don't wanna do it based on all of those things that you just laid out and so we're not even arguing if you want to do it or if you don't wanna do it but is that a productive or a workable thought toward your value-based connection no learned some diffusion skills and learned how to invite those feelings of not wanting to go connect with somebody the way that he has to connect right now. He invited those feelings and emotions to come along with him while he went and connected with somebody the way that he could connect with somebody now so and we'll see how that goes but i mean that is the way to work that scenario. Not the what's wrong with me. Why am i thinking this. I'm so broke him. So i am going to sound bit condescending and i don't want to because i am being one hundred percent sincere that honestly if you if you can if you can wake up and choose to be happy and think happy positive thoughts and it works all day and you don't get down frustrated over wonder what's wrong with me or why can't i be more grateful for what i have or why can't i pull off what i did yesterday or last week or last year You know why do i feel stuck away. Can everybody else figure out but not me or why do people that are showing up in my feet. Or why do people watch and their stories seem to have a challenge within by the end of the story or in a later pitcher in that same post they resolve everything and they live happily ever after again. If you haven't thought any of these things don't know what i'm talking about. Then i'm being one hundred percent honestly absolutely sincere. That is awesome. And i'm. I'm grateful that you found tools in your bag of life that work and i want you to keep it up. I really do. But if you've had those moments where you decide that today is the day and i'm going to be happy and i'm choosing happiness over misery and my glass is going to be helpful. As a matter of fact it's four it's spilling over in you. Give me a mental napkin. So i can clean this table of life from all of this goodness. That's making a puddle and then within a few minutes or a few hours or even a few seconds. Your your dog pees on the couch. And i wish i was saying that. Hypothetically man i love my fourteen year old yorkie to death but i think it's time to invest in a dog diaper again a digression but some something happens to frustrate you or maybe you don't even know what just happened but all of a sudden you're feeling down feeling the blah's or the blues then let's talk because i have data tons of data and i have a few thousand people that i've sat across from who tell me that exact same story. It's tuesday of this week when i'm recording and i've already had this conversation with a couple of clients and nothing is wrong with you. You're human but you can learn to change the relationship that you have with your thoughts and your feelings. You can learn to acknowledge them accept them. Studied them see them and you can learn to make room expand expansion. You can bring them along with you while you do something of value for you while you do something of importance that will help you move the ball forward and sometimes just moving that ball a little bit forward is what can get you out of that funk that can descend upon you like something quickly descends upon you. Okay so i have a quiz for you but first a quick break to talk about better. Help dot com. Recently i received a

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