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Petersen up to the plate. Here's Dwayne Kuyper. And dyson. Throws and Peterson takes a called strike. Peterson. Pinchitting machado. And then Bellinger. You get all these new guys in the lineup. And it seems like you're still facing all the starters. The pitch. The Peterson was outside one ball one strike. Twenty four home runs. Two to forty seven. Here's dyson. And the pitch swing gonna miss one or two. So is Bumgarner who started then Miranda. And now dicey. The pitch. Peterson swift struck about point bloom away with fastballs. Let's bring up chattel. Machado's had. One hit that came in the third against Bumgarner. That knocked in the tying run at that time. Here's the pitch in it. It's on the outside corner for a strike and its own one. Dodger deck. It's the eighth inning with the dodgers leading three two one. And the pit is on the outside corner again same spot, and it's in two. So here's Dyson is. He gets the side of the pitch. And there's a slider in its Lohan away wanted to. We have a bit of a ruckus. Behind on plate. And that now becomes. Norwood deal than what's going on on the field. What a two. And the pop up following out of play. Machado comes jogging out of the batter's box. He twisted his ankle or. It's wanted to ended up almost halfway to the dodger dugout. One ball to strikes. Dyson? It's assigned from Huntly. And the pitch to Machado is evolving. D Crawford Crawford has it throws in time. Don..

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