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13th 2021 Jon Hansen in the chair for Bob's right again today I'll take you till nine o'clock this morning and based on the fact that I see Steve Brizan Ege through the TV screen. They vented to my right here. Both producers in their chairs, Vicky, you and you and your chair too. I am here, so nobody won the mega millions. I assume, although it's funny because I didn't check. I just saw the numbers flash on the screen. Although I bought my ticket through the app and Dave, you said they would alert me if if I had one. Yeah, you would have gotten a I'll check your spam folder. Maybe it just ended up in there. You imagine if that's how you you know you. You buy it online because you think well, that you're never gonna lose your ticket. Anything along those lines, and it turns out it's in your spam folder all along. Of course, I said, if you have high one, you'd never just see me again. I just disappear. No, I wouldn't be here today. If I had one last night. I'd be calling Mary. Be like, sorry. No, I show up today. Just to enjoy one last shift here on WGN. I probably bring in some for some breakfast order in something. I've got the money Now I just wire Mary some money and say, I'm done. There's my two weeks ago. Over a couple grand. There you go. I'm done 31 to 91 7200 join the conversation. So no, we didn't win Mega millions, but we got another chance tonight. I think Power ball this weekend. Oh, that's the sweet. There's e one tonight, then, too. I feel like there's always half a billion dollars today. Wednesday. Yes. Powerball. Yeah, You're right. That's a reason to wake up in the morning. It's powerful day. S O. No. None of us seem to have one. Vicky. Did you go on your marzipan hunter? What? To be honest, I got sucked into this remote learning situation. Okay, kids. Well, you could've lied and just told him it did. Well, no. Because then you were gonna ask me. Where did that go? Oh, you're right. And then I was gonna say the wrong place to take. Another will be no Mars Japan this morning. Well, not today. But you know what? It is my goal to go by the weekend. Okay. So well with the remote learning. It's kind of tough with a kid. What was the emergency with her Mo learning? Well, well, nothing. I mean, my nanny. She can't work more than a certain number of hours a day. So I have to be there to cover like a majority of the don't sound so disappointed by federal regulations on what controls How many hours people get working today? They're mean it screws everything up, because we actually have to work so early in the morning. It's like half the day is gone for us by 10 A.m. versus Most people wake up and go to work around eight or nine. You know the hours get a lot fewer by the time we get out of work, just running a sweatshop. Exactly. We'll get another lead. Yeah, Exactly. Roman ship has a great gig. Okay? Yeah. Sounds like it. Three. Once everyone 7200 will be soliciting our first caller of the day in a little bit. Also, it's gonna You know, it's a day that both in Springfield and in Washington Lot of politics going on, and we will cover it to be sure. Looks like we're gonna have second impeachment of the president will get into it with legal scholars and all that, But I'm trying to keep some levity today and have some fun as well. So I'm glad you're joining us and Dave. I'm glad we figured out your computer situation. That was almost a disaster. Now what happened when you walked in and turned it on? Well, everything all the Fox was huge, but the actual desktop which shrunk and so I just had these huge icons and all the fonts were oversized. So I'm playing with the settings and Super Joe comes in. And then, thanks to an engineer, Bob Fukuda came in and fixed it, but I got to think that it was hamper. Oh, be sitting at this computer last night, trying to bring the font up a little bit bigger to see exactly to see the news that Ryan Pace looks like he's gonna be sticking their You wanted that big headlines. By the way, I can't believe we called to producers myself. And you trying to fix your computer for 25 minutes. Who knew that the engineer could just come over and fix it right away for us. That's what they're here for. Well, Super Joe knows everything those year Overland lives right there, too. So they normally I thought they could get it straightened out. I couldn't but that's okay. But I'm not angry. No, I'm a little disappointed. You know, every morning when I come in, Actually, my headset is not exactly where I put it in the morning. So you're gonna blame the nanny for that, too? Or what? It's just It's just completely changes my Mo Joe, because I'm like, who wouldn't put it back? What do you mean? Like you're like? It's not in the exact spot on the desk. Well, okay, now, so Sarah Gender bought me this like headset holder, and it has my name on it, so I put it on there. And then in the morning when I come in, it's just like thrown on the desk, and I'm like, Whoa. You need to put it back where it belongs. Who is it? Call him up by name. Who's doing it over and I honestly I have no clue. Well, you need to set up in any camp. I guess so. I didn't think I needed somebody cams in my life, But I guess one of the work dusk is gonna be necessary to Yeah. You need to figure that out. That is a little rude. I mean, the headset right older as your name place. Yeah, Exactly. Now I'm a messy person. And but I try to respect the communal workspace here. I clean up my stuff. I cleaned up the sesame seeds from my bagel that gets me every morning. I want to fill in here. You know, When you work in a community space, you gotta hold it together. I agree with you there. Okay. It's also the start of the Blackhawks season tonight. We're all excited about that. We're gonna talk with Troy Murray a little bit later on in the program. Just a lot going on here today and Steve Pearce and it.

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