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Wherever that's my take you deemed me the next afternoon and you mentioned it on your show. It was the first time you and i had ever any connection and it was the first time nationally. Anyone had ever acknowledged anything. I done in that way other than like breaking news and houston and i've always wondered because it wasn't put out on the internet. Were you just watching at this one one night. Did someone tell you like you. Probably don't remember. But for me i called. This is probably poor form. Icecream shot at your damn to me. Texted it to everyone. I knew was like blevins. Our buddy my text me and was like labradors talk much on his show. And i was like i couldn't figure out how you would even come across it but it was a similar moment of my career now that that That is touching that makes me feel all hugely flattered. I don't remember the details. Of how i came upon it but i will tell you that the specifics of why i remember it is because i've been trying to walk past televisions all my life and have someone walked that high wire with that degree of difficulty on something as stupid sports like you. You not only made an argument like it. Just it's real hard unless you're super informed and you can just hit people overhead with With the research. Like i just specifically remember wherever it is that i was hearing it. I don't remember where i heard it. I'm like man. This guy inundated us with about three minutes of information. That's not disputable in a in a framework that doesn't allow for that. The conversation on television can't be like that you know this you've learned it no matter how good you are doing it. Those are tight spaces that you can't get into the deep stuff where you're saying something like cam. Newton doesn't get calls because he's black and then anyone here's anything you have to say after that i would imagine and it's the stuff that i get the most satisfaction from like eating batty's fulfilling that must be too because that's the most challenging thing to work outside of the framework of the confines of television to actually give complicated thoughts that aren't bite-size that. Make people think it where. I'm fortunate to go back to the very beginning about like my parents like the insistence on education and like being learning. It's where it's you can't do that unless you actually have like a big an i giant gaps of knowledge elsewhere. But i know a lot about race in america. I know a lot about american history. Those are like kind of my to passionate areas of them in sports and so the like it allows me to talk about that in a very i think unique way and i also think it's i think it is important that there are and this is why you're shows have always been important. It's important that there are people saying things that the people that don't wanna hear it can't dismiss as well of course they think that it's it's like because i'm heart sounds weird i'm harder to dismiss because i'm a white guy and it shouldn't be the case but there is a level of it is important This it is important for the majority to amplify the minority viewpoint if they truly believe it because there are certain people serbia will never be reached there. Certain people who might be reachable. But they're more likely to be reachable at times by me i. Bonnie even obama money is even more eloquent. Oh he ends. I've ever seen like..

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