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I just said aging genus key said he is returning as head coach. Oh, is that mean, he's definitely coming back. It's not the magic vomit Celo shop. But what is what would you have to say about the one guy who bet ten dollars on the Knicks to win the championship next year sixteen to one at the Super Bowl? That's great. You saw that. I saw it. I just saw an article that said they've taken one bet at sixteen the one. From the according to Jeff Sherman, the VP of risk management at the super book. Risk management. Can we handle this hundred sixty dollars? If the Knicks win. I mean, the it's seems pretty clear what's happening now. So the Sixers loss Toronto moved on, you know, Kawais just some fucking basketball robot would know personality, Portland moved on. That's interesting. I mean, at least at least as far as the Eastern Conference finals, we're going to have a new team in the east. Yeah. I think since two thousand nine it's either been the heat Celtics or calves so basically teams that LeBron was on or teams that beat LeBron after someone after one of his teammates, his mom. Yeah. So those are like two to dig out bring into Lante west. Okay. I don't know. What are your thoughts on this run this? I mean, the Sixers moving forward the the move is you have to resign Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler, you need a grown, man. You need a guy who's going to yell at impede and Simmons. I don't Simmons has to figure out how to hit a jump shot. I mean like a broken record over here. You just have to be able to shoot the ball. You can't be looking to pass in the restricted area. Okay. Yeah. If a guy's wide open for three in the corner. The analytics the stat heads will tell you to throw it. But if you're in the restricted area, which was multiple times without shooting..

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