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Try to find your own stories that are obscure. But if there was a big story you chase it. So in those Olympics for you. What were the most notable achievements in the first week of the games? Well. Based on Microsoft's breaking the all time record, obviously one hundred years. Nobody's one is many medals at the Olympic Games ever knew that. Bolt. And his record setting the hundred would be used. But. Badminton story pops up. And everyone rushes to figure out what the heck's going on with badminton. Because the two thousand and twelve London Olympics badminton tournament just took this somewhat obscure sport, and it morphed it into this bizarro thought experiment about competition and integrity and what it means to win. Okay. But mostly I think that the Paul DOE to be fair. Mike, he jumped on this story for very personal reasons as New Yorker, I say a lot of words and their mispronounced NPR audience would jump on them. But I always can say the end in badminton and get a lot of plots. So I'm attractive badminton. What's the wrong way to say badminton? Most people say badminton bad Bandmann talking to some hand wear. Wintertime chastising a playful cat. I see. And also, you know, you you, and I probably think of badminton as this backyard fun silly game. But..

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