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So I share the frustration. I do hope though that we can at least say, this is a really good ball club. Yes, and they were a legitimate 100 win team legitimately the best team in the American League, legitimately. I think there are moments you can point to in that series where the ownership and transigen towards spending money. I think especially in game four where you have Shane mcclanahan on three days rest. As a rookie at the end of the longest season of his life, being asked to get out in a believe at the time a scoreless game against the most difficult part of this Red Sox order on the road. That's definitely a scenario where you feel like maybe if you had an extra starter if you had just paid for one extra starter if you kept Charlie Morton if you hadn't traded rich hill if you've just gone out and gotten like a pick pick a starter from last off season who would have been available on a cheap one to two year contract and would have been at least league average. I can't think of anyone to top my head. But that was probably a moment where you're like, okay, this is where this team's cheapness really comes back to bite them. But otherwise like all the stuff that happened in this series that kind of didn't go the rays way was just very in stuff. It was that fluke play. It was Manny Margo being called out on that stolen base because he came off the bag by an inch. It was, you know, it was a thousand other things you can point to that that made the difference in this series that had nothing to do with the quality of the race because they're a super, super good team. They're terrifying to face. They're exhausting. It felt like wonder Franklin Randy rosarina wrote about every inning and they weren't, but there are players in that lineup where nearly dam is good anyway. Right. And so that's like, yes, legitimate, 5 game series teaches you nothing about the actual goodness of that team. But it does really feel like one of those things where if you want to make sure that those variant moments hurt you less, it probably helps have a roster built up around you that can weather those moments a little better because you have guys I mean, this is the thing with last year. Like you just said, basically the 2020 World Series was the rays against the rays, but with superstars. Great. So I feel a lot for the raise. And I especially feel for them now too, because it's very clear this franchise is actually going to pursue this idiotic Montreal plan. And I don't know. What do you do when your team's eliminated and the first thing you hear about franchise wise? Well, sorry guys. It was a really fun season. Tune in next year when we're going to try to spend half our time when we're going to spend all our time trying to convince you that actually, Canada is where we want to be playing, not this dump of a stadium next to a highway. Yeah, it's a rough way to wake up the day after you've done a limited for sure. And so my condolences to Tampa, there are very good, very fun team. I make jokes about them online all the time because it's very easy and because I can never resist easy shots. But they are so much fun to watch when they got especially when they're just clicking. When you just see all the pieces fall into place and you're like, oh, this is basically a perfectly built baseball team from top to bottom. That's terrifying to think about. Yeah. Well, we leave that series behind right now as we record. We are in the bottom of the first of Houston, White Sox, Carlos rodon, through 99 in the prior running. So, you know, that is at least a good sign for his early going here. So we will wait the conclusion of that series to find out who the Red Sox are playing. So we'll wait to preview it until we know what their opponent looks like. But let's briefly touch on the NL here, the brewers, stand on the brink of elimination, as do the Dodgers, which is surprising, perhaps. And I guess, I will ask which of those two outcomes is the most surprising to you, John? Probably Dodgers and not so much because I expect. I mean, I picked them to win that series. No, I'm sorry. I picked the Giants when that series. So I don't know, I guess I don't really be surprised. But I think it's less about the surprise that the Dodgers are losing and more about the brewers being down to one and having scored a grand total of two runs in three games. Yeah, that scans. Yeah. That everything that's happened with the brewers so far has played exactly out as you would expect it to. They've gotten two really good pitching performance at three really, the Freddie Peralta was Freddie Peralta was shorter obviously than Corbin burns and Brandon woodruffs, but they've got an excellent pitching and no offense to speak of, which was pretty much the case all year. I mean, pulling from Kevin Goldstein's game three recap a team that finished, I believe, top 5 in the NL and runs between the bottom in both OPS and WRC plus. So yeah. Peripherally not a good team. And as KG mentioned, it took a Willy Adams hot streak the likes of which he had never experienced. Plus, guys like Luis Arias and rowdy television kind of catching fire for a bit for them to get even that far. Yeah. And that's something you look at that lineup going into that series, and you ask yourself, who exactly here is the guy you can rely on to do damage. Like where is the chunk of the lineup that a pitcher is scared to face? I know that's like this sounds like an extremely sports talk radio way of referencing it. But it really is just an average offense at best that doesn't really have consistent power threats. A lot of these guys are more contact oriented hitters like Colton Wong or Louis Zürich or Adam ezer and especially with Christian Yelich continuing to have disappeared sometime around the end of 2019 and never having come back. Yeah, the fact that the brewers are where they are against a team in Atlanta that doesn't pitch as well as they do, but still pitches pretty well and has a much better offense to boot. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me that they are where they are and that they are in this position because it really I think it really was going to take either burns Woodruff and Peralta are all Madison Bumgarner together, 2014 Madison Bumgarner, or they need one to three of those guys in that lineup to go just wild over the course of 5 games. They need a Kiki Hernandez type performance, because that lineup just is not consistent enough to put together offensive rallies on the regular. They're way too many dead spots in that lineup. There are way too many guys who are not capable of doing really anything other than ripping a single between first and second, which, hey, you're on base, but you know, and I think we've seen this, it's really hard to build rallies in the postseason. Yeah. Unless you are a hyper either you're unless you're the Astros and you just have a lineup that goes 7 deep somehow, or you're a hyper contact oriented team that's really good at executing fundamental and fundamentals and small ball, which the brewers are, but that I think obviously works better against bad teams, certainly than it does against a braves team that is genuinely legitimately good. And I think the other surprise if there is a surprise to me is that Atlanta is as good as it is, despite the fact that the braves lost Ronald Acuna and their outfield was a mess and they don't have Mike sirocco and their goal pen is a mess..

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