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Now welcome to build fault. I'm your host for today. The flashes portion of the entertainment. The ringing movies you've seen in the past week finneran. A lineup on a couple of these anderson and will give your thoughts on the movies. Some movies we've seen in the last week. I understand how the heck are ya fantastic. How are you buddy your business. But i'm doing very well We actually spoke a little bit before the program. And i'm going to be honest with you brian. It didn't feel right. It felt way too friendly really. Yeah fuck yourself thank you. Let's get back. Let's get into our skin. Let's get into the ship that we do where we're me knew each other. Yeah let's her stack. It is shocking though. Like how nice. At least i am to you for the mike stern on an The quick pivot do that. I don't know why. I don't know speaking things i don't know why do i don't know why i continue to say literally for decades now false things such jazz. Et they're going to go with m. and m.'s. Free but the mars company said no we. We know that's true. That's true so then recess that hey we'll make some kanaan's it looks like eminem and they did. That's that's absolutely untrue. And not only. Did i say recently like last week or the week before but i heard myself saying it. Over ten years ago on the orange couched as episode which i posted for our patriots number. It's just embarrassing that i it's it's literally over a decade been spewing misinformation so apologies. I remember to two weeks ago. Whatever it was. I think it was a top five most eighties movies. Maybe some like that Anyway you had said that are rages claim. I'm glad that on on record saying. I don't think that's true. I don't know they made reese's pieces. Are you so happy about. I'm swelling up a little bit. Not north of the hang. See this brian. Not always this and so anyway. Somebody told me that once. And that's the problem with me. And hey that's the problem just with life in general especially as you get older you learn things you hear things and then that just kind of becomes fact and it's true it's true with people to like I've noticed in both sides. Going both ways. I've i've met people and then i think that there are certain way and then i learned that they're not that way they're they're different than how i had initially thought of them and then i won't see him for a while and then i'll see him again and immediately think. Oh yeah. they are like the initial way. That i thought happens to me all the time. People think i'm prick and then they get to know me a little bit and then they think okay and then they don't see me for a while and then they act like they prick again when they first see me like my my my wife's sister for years they can be back and forth and she go. Yeah i didn't really. I thought you're an asshole. Established yourself reestablish. Yeah over and over and over again so. It's just old dogs new tricks and full connors in groundhog day. Everyone thinks he's a jerk and then he change of art but no one no truth to that groundhog's day brian really philosophical piece philosophical thing to think of peace. Hey let's do a little fan fiction. Thanks to our boy mitch burns. Who puts this together for us. Every single jesus what else you wanna do brain. I got some things talk about the listeners. Here's how it goes brian. Raleigh on twitter watched psycho gorman. I know a number of us watch. Cycle gorman here's brian raleigh's take on psycho. Gorman reminded me a lot of south park in that a lot of south park episode center around the joke that kids rarely take supernatural threats. Seriously the girls. Definitely eric cartman level. Sociopath agreed agreed by now. She's great yeah. She's a sociopath straight issue out. She's i'll say that. I think all kids especially seven-year-old girls. How old is she not all basically sociopaths. I agree with you there. But i'm tired of meeting you halfway. I'm tired of my side. i'm tired of i want you. Just come to my place or go to your place and we call it. A day let. Let's stop meeting in the middle. Because i don't meet the middle bribery. And she's a sociopath and she's much more than seven she's like eleven or twelve and i can tell you The little girl cycle gorman ten years from now twenty years from now she's probably be. Ceo of a company right achiever earner socio because she's she's the same age as a brother essentially and very different people on the brothers older for sure a little bit barely. I don't know about that. He might be younger older. He's not significantly e we on e. We import on instagram. Not to be confused bills emporium. That's a callback bills back. We emporium on instagram on any human being. And i'm including like christopher nolan or stanley kubrick or quentin tarantino gotten more mention. I'm including miss movies. I'm including diana van de kamp. Gio has any human being. God more is on this show than bill for you and me then bill. I mean he's up there. He's probably ten. But i'd say that's i'll stay because then we think the mitch burns and and everyone at the end of every episode. We do mention the ad for the yes a good point. I guess bill. Bill emporium bills emporium gave us a review years and years ago. And it wasn't like on itunes or anything was on his own site very obscure. How do we find out about it. I can't even remember freight question. Did someone someone must've alerted either. Either either alerted us to it. Or i have google news alert for the film vaults so once in a while guess up and again mentioned us. Of course you do brain. It's probably smart. He probably have one for bribery. I've won for all brian. I've.

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