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So that said, though, a lot of the narrative over the last few years is that you could wait on wide receivers you could wait on running backs right now this year that Joshua Jacobs. The Alabama kids supposed to be the only running back taken in the first round. It's supposed to be over under two and a half wide receivers out of the two positions you being a wide receiver. I think you know, about this which one could you wait on the most. I mean, there's there's you know, obviously Zeke saquon their top ten picks, but you can get David Johnson Alvin Kamara in the third round at your position the Andre Hopkins a first round the, but add Adam feeling I think went undrafted. So which one out of the two positions. Could you wait on more? Would you say? I I'm not just saying this because I played the position I believe you can find very good running backs. Outside of the first round. And you can also find berry good receivers. If you if you told me if I had to make a choice, I would say, oh, I could for sure find a better running back late in the draft, and I could've receiver. I was laying around traffic people say, oh, he was an overachiever. No. I wasn't just any way me the correct way same thing with Adam feeling, you know, he was he wasn't. He just getting valuated the right way. But that that's what these experts scouts because it makes them look bad because they didn't stout. Somebody. Oh, he just completely overachieved just do your job right way. And so I just I'm a firm believer in unless it's an Adrian Peterson Zeki Elliott type guy, I'm not taking a running back in the first round because there's so many. I mean, look, it's a re- Colin from Chicago. But there's so many backs that kinda get lost in shuffling, look look at the NFL. They wanna back back and run the ball. But. You want also run rows to catch the ball. There's so many of those dies out there that won't land in the first round into Kareem hunt. Look, I mean, there's just go on and on and on. And so for me, it's the running back position. Also. And you know, it's changed even since you played. It's a pass I offense. It was getting that way, right? Toward the tail end of your knowledge. Just forget it. Everyone's pass happy, right? Forty five hundred yards for quarterback is not all of a sudden hall of fame numbers. So that being said, yeah, you wanna probably investigate a wide receiver more. You know, you when you draft the quarterback of the future you like to think, it's probably a seven next seven or eight years. You might wanna start thinking that way for wide receiver. My right. Really? Yeah. I it one of those things. Themes are throwing a ball so often these days, do you really? Teams are built aligned Eli. I if I'm running the team, that's the first thing I'm doing is all line b line quarterback. And then you have to have receivers you gotta get D lineman to compete with all lining vice versa. Data get corners compete with receivers. That's how you build a team. If you have none of a quarterback, you have to get a receiver that can create separation deed is not the most important thing. This ability to decelerate in create separation that is the most important act better receiver needs to have granted. He smart enough to understand things. Catch the ball. Have you looked at these guys any of these guys jump out at you that the have these attributes spoke of Metcalf the Browns that Nicole Harry is dynamite to watch. But I'm not sure if he you know, he has those attributes that you just mentioned I mean, you look at Brown boat, parental from home. And I like those guys I like a lot..

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