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Producer. Mark, Give us a bit of sunshine today, my friend. Whatever you know, That's your your Mr Sunshine. So what would give us some happy thoughts from courtesy of producer Mark Since one of my Mr Sunshine, Okay, well, so we're gonna pretend for today because you know, it's a tough time out there. That was just just checking. I usually I'm doom and gloom. It's this fair point. I mean, I feel like even you've got to see there's good things out there. Yeah. Hockey starts tomorrow. There we go. Who's going to be who's good at hockey? Uh ah. Lot of NHL players pretty much all I mean, what teams? Come on. I mean, what teams are gonna be good. I would say it was gonna look out for the lightning. They won the cup last year. But then you know, I don't even know there's a team called the Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning. Wow. Really good. Oh, yeah. Do you know there's a team in Las Vegas now? No what they called the Golden Knights. A golden night. Why are the wire the Golden Knights? How did that come? I believe the owner was air Force or army and wanted them to be called the Knights. But Army had its army won't add that trademark. So they went with gold Golden Knights. Uh, they have awesome jerseys. If you google it, they probably have the nice sisters in the NHL honestly. I've never had never even heard of this before. Something very interest. Oh, that's a really cool logo. Yeah. Like that would be like a good shields. I logo. I kind of like it. I'm a fan. Um okay. Interesting. Very interesting. All right. You know what, Mark A soon as they open up the hockey man. I still I still owe you a hockey game, So we're allowed to go in person in any word on when that's actually gonna happen. In New York. Yeah, Good luck. You know idea, right, No club. There are a couple of teams in all the leagues that are letting fans in. But it's only in the areas you know. Like Florida. I think Nashville's allowing, but I'm not sure if the team is yet, you know. Teams in the areas in the red states that are allowing fans and limited capacities. But up here now, people just getting so stir crazy. You know, my my sister. He's got a beautiful little baby boy that you know she's she's obviously doing the mom thing. But I wanted to have some time to catch up with my little sister. And she heard that I went out to dinner. And she likes this idea. So now I'm gonna do this again. I told her I said we were You gotta dress for indoor dining in New York City. Right now, you gotta dress like you're going on a polar expedition. I mean, you need to show up. You know when you have so many layers on that, like your arms are a little stiff. Remember your Katie you sometimes, But like your parents put you in one of those little zip up snowsuit things. You basically have to dress like that. And then you could be comfortable eating outside in New York City right now, That's what with those of the lengths that we're willing to go through to feel a little bit of normalcy and a little bit of freedom. And somebody found your sister sounded interested in doing this. She wants to do it. I said okay. But I did it with the snow princess and she liked it. I like it barely feel my feet By the time the check came, but, you know It's a thing. I don't think you could pay me enough money to do that. Like I would support the business. I would order take out because I want to support you. But I'm not. I would never sure that's you know, my my waistline is proof of the take out of been ordering. Man. It's amazing. I don't know how they do it. But, you know, take out like Thai food in this stuff. It just tastes so good. You know, this is what happens. We always That's the end of the show, and I'm hungry. I always want to talk about food. Just the end of the show. It always somehow gets the food. They don't get anything. And it'll get the food. Well, during during lockdown to me, What else can you really, um You know what else can you really These days. Get off! Get all that excited about. S o. It is. You know, his food and food is something that gets it gets it going. All right, let's get into the roll Call here. I know we got a lot of it. I wanna hear from all your facebook dot com slash Buck Sexton as long as they don't kick us off of Facebook, which we're hoping they won't And then team bucket. I heart media calm If you want to email us, and we got other things to let's get to it. Uh, Dan. Evening, Sir. I'm enjoying Listen to your show today and agree with your take. I've spent 16 years in special operations forces, and I believe you and I have probably been in closer proximity to each other than either of us realize the damage. Very possibly true. I spent some time with the SF folks out in in western Iraq in 2000 and seven Also had some time with SF folks in Afghanistan in 2000 and nine fire. You know, 89 I forget. Honestly, I forget. Now it's In Iraq a couple times in Afghanistan wants So, Yeah, I guess that folks were awesome. Huge, huge fan of all our special operations forces. What they do is amazing. All right, let me get back into your message here. My question is simple. I agree that what happened the capital last week was not appropriate and accomplishes nothing positive. The question. I keep asking, and no one will give me an answer. What line will need to be cross for it to become a whatever it takes scenario. That's conservative Americans. We've always maintained the reason the Second Amendment is in places to overthrow an oppressive government. But it seems like even though we say that what we really mean is if China is literally invading our shores. That's why we have guns never to overthrow our government. I mean, Dan, So So let me let me work at this going backwards on Thank you for your service, sir. And thank you for writing in Yes, The Second Amendment is a check against an ultimate check against government tyranny. And it is true that for a lot of people, and I'm always reminded of that line attributed to I believe it's Admiral. Uh, Yemma Moto. That you could never invade America because there's a rifle behind every blade of grass, right? You could ever meet. Invade successfully Mainland America, the Japanese as as a interesting Just an interesting point of history did just to show they could Invade the 50 50 states and hold territory. I know they bombed Pearl Harbor, Brimmer. They never held Pearl Harbor they actually did, invade and hold US territory in the 50 states. To island in the Alaskan. I believe it's off the illusion Island chain ought to island the Japanese seized it. So that they could for really for propaganda purposes, say we are holding US territory, and there's some very brutal fighting there. And the Marines had to go and take it back. And then the the Japanese who had invaded made essentially a kamikaze charge and they went for the field hospital specifically of where American wounded were being held. I mean, it was really Really a vicious affair, but yeah, ought to island The Japanese did hold U S Territory of World War two for it for a pretty short period of time, but they didn't hold it. As for China, invading our shores, yes, of course. And if we did have a foreign invasion of the United States, then all of a sudden, I think at that point, even even most of the left wing gun grabbers would be very excited about all their neighbors who have a R 15 In that scenario, I think that even they a lot of them would say this is great. There's some some anecdotes. I think Charlton Heston actually told the anecdote once that People were asking him if they could borrow guns during the Los Angeles riots as bad as those God because I wanted to defend their homes and their in their businesses. So you know, A lot of people are anti gun until all of a sudden there's a massive mob burning down stores and businesses near them, and then they want to defend themselves. As for when we would reach that check Where the the government I think the answer is, you would know. Meaning. You know it when we're there, you know it because The government has lost all legitimacy and is engaged in in.

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