Boldness to Proclaim the Word (Amos 7:12-13)


Chapter seven versus twelve and thirteen. An amazon said to amos. Ozier go flee away to the land of judah and eat bread dare and prophesy there but never again prophesied bethel for it is the kings sanctuary and it is a temple of the kingdom so basically what this is in the book of amos is a threat against amos an accusation against him in light of what he was prophesying. So here was amos saying things that the priest amazonia and the king in israel did not like and the whole picture before this. We're not able to bear your words what you're saying so go away from this land. I don't speak here. There's all kinds of different applications. We might consider as we see this picture of the prophet of god being rejected by the people of god. But i was reading. This verse is to versus just thought about the brothers and sisters. We have around the world right now. Who are speaking. The word of god and are experiencing major persecution for it for our brothers and sisters and north korea in somalia and yemen and saudi arabia in so many different places in the world in iran church is experiencing all kinds of persecution and threats and the bible calls us commands us to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters and to go to them to serve them and care for them to serve them as our own family. So i wanna lead us to pray specifically for the persecuted church allied of this picture of amos experiencing persecution in chapter seven verses twelve and thirteen. So oh god our father in heaven we pray right now on behalf of our brothers and sisters your sons and daughters who are in labor camps in north korea because they are followers of you are experiencing on imaginable suffering and pain. Because they're following you. God we pray for our brothers and sisters in malaya who who know an any moment friend or family member could kill them for their faith in you. Gotta we pray for brothers and sisters in iran really throughout the middle east in different places where they're facing various forms of persecution. Can i think about brothers and sisters in india that i know all over different parts of asia who mentioned specific names now but but people brothers sisters in our family who are right now experiencing threats against them who are being told to leave or to lose their land if they don't or to lose their job or to lose their life to be imprisoned or to be killed for trusting you for proclaiming your word. God we pray Acts chapter four. That you would give them boldness to proclaim your word. God please give them baldness to proclaim your word. Even in the midst of persecution would cause the gospel to spread through them. We pray just as you gave amos boldness to proclaiming your word. god reprieve. you'd give them boldness to continue proclaiming. Your word got even as a pray that god. I'm so thankful that. I can proclaim your word today and i'm not going to be thrown into prison for it and i don't. I don't even know how long that lasts in the country. I live in. But god. I pray that as long as i have this freedoms as we any of us listening. Have that freedom god. We would be bold proclaiming. Your word was reprinted for boldness for them. Go repair give us boldness that that which they're giving their lives for losing their lives for we would not neglect when we don't we don't lose our life for it. Hung god help them help us together to be bold proclamation of your word no matter what that means for our lives certainly our reputation or matter what that means for anything. God help us to be faithful to proclaim your word. We pray for your strength for your help for your mercy for your provision for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world for their families as mom or dad is in prison as a child is in prison now. Do we pray that he would strengthen their faith. You hold them with your righteous right hand and you would cause your gospel to spread in prisons and labor camps and all these places in the world where there's so much persecution against followers of jesus our brothers and sisters your sons daughters we pray for them in. Jesus name

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