Their Supreme Court was hearing a case It was a challenge from the Republican Party.


Michigan. They have frozen certifying and Michigan. We've got Pennsylvania There was a win in Pennsylvania. Now this I don't understand, And I think Democrats should feel the same way. Their Supreme Court was hearing a case It was a challenge from the Republican Party. That in in Philadelphia, they weren't allowing vote counters tow watch the ballots being counted. They were being held across the room somewhere across the room, they could not see the ballots physically being counted. And so they sued the Supreme Court. Said. State law does not provide that They have to be close enough to see that they only have to be in the room. So the ballot counters in Philadelphia are well within their rights to tell you go sit over on the other side of the room while we sit on this side of the room and count That isn't verifying ballots That's not watching ballots being counted in. Both parties are being sent across the room. Both parties should say we should be able to watch those ballots be counted. All that does is breed doubt. And again to the Democrats out there, go to a conservative state go to one of the states or a city go to a city. That normally goes heavily Republican and tell ballot counters. You can't watch ghost it across the room. Ballot verifiers. You tell me that the Democratic Party, isn't it? Is it? Well, something? How do we know that there isn't shenanigans going on here? How do we know they're not up to something? We can't see the balance. There must be a reason why you want us across the room where we can't see what's happening. It just breeds doubt in an election cycle that both sides went into with doubts on the veracity of the election. Trump is behind, which is why he is the one with the lawsuits. Both campaigns had thousands of lawyers all over the country. And Joe Biden's advice from Hillary Clinton and others was do not concede no matter what that's what they said. So I don't I do not for the life of me understand? What the big deal is or why people are still questioning counting. I have said, I think that Joe Biden is the president elect. I think the Joe Biden is going to win this. I don't believe that the president because I haven't seen evidence to the contrary. I'm not saying it. You know if it happens if they blow this whole thing up, the Trump's lawyers are saying that there is voter fraud and we're going to prove it. We've got court cases pending that is going to blow the lid off this If that happens, fine, But from what I've seen so far, I have been consistent and saying That

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