Ep192: Jack of All Heauxs (Ft. Dante Nero)

WHOREible Decisions


Guess what decision. We're about to make moral decision. Welcome we got one in the building today. Not man not me. It's easy welcome to horrible decisions. Most disgusting show you've ever heard in the podcast beyond motherfucker aka tripod. mommy. I'm in the bill dean. You already know dante with us. Every quested guest over over new year's seriously gonna live few years back then. I don't ever not high. It's possible out in. See it but people were like you got to have downtown. And i'm like but why are we going to have you on. Why do you think about all i do. Is i try to stay righteous. I mean an s on a on the strength So my my podcast. I've been doing my partner for eight years. Is the name of this man school to to initially the base phillips show. South forebade phillip. It was black phillip. Show that i did with patrice o'neal back in two thousand six scam. We did it as a radio. Let you know this was a high school and you know. I don't know about like that bill. You a podcast. What are you known for because to me when people are like you need dante on what's why how did you know. Let me for being well so as relationship guru. i guess that would be you marry. I am now giving relationship advice before you was married. Yeah because i know everything about this little so let me let me give you the background so so i was a male strip of for ten years working well now talking about like years ago so the male strip you know i will bring up the instagram and so i was for ten years and then i got into managing other male strippers and then i started managing a club and then a personal management call carson. Made also starts. I m not good dafur for for few years and so the perspective of being a male stupid you have to. You have to understand you have to understand the traction foam women's perspective if you can't if you don't understand that then you don't make no money back so in a way.

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