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I'm lakshmi singh the volcanic eruption on hawaii's big island has pushed thousands out of their homes we'll check in on an emergency shelter where people are battling the elements we can't get a break between the fumes the lava the earthquakes and now we're the pouring rain and one man's path from prison to london's west end in macbeth describes so ambitious and you once he goes around the rumblings about gannon these all things i could directly connects you that's coming up i the news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs israeli and palestinian officials say gaza's main cargo crossing and fuel terminal are no longer operating after palestinian protesters set fire to them and demonstrations at the gaza israel border npr's daniel estrin reports israel is closing the cargo crossing indefinitely the cargo crossing is a lifeline for gaza it's where food medicines fuel and other goods enter gaza from israel palestinian protesters set the crossing on fire during a border protest friday a palestinian official who manages the crossing says damages are in the millions of dollars israel says the fuel terminal can no longer be used the main gas line is not operating and the crossing will be closed until repairs can be made israel blames the islamist group hamas in gaza for encouraging weeks of protests on the gaza border those protests are expected to culminate monday when the us open's its embassy to israel in jerusalem palestinians opposed the move and groups are are calling for protests outside the new embassy daniel estrin npr news gaza city at least one person is dead several others injured in a knife attack in paris police say the attacker is also dead and the identity of that person and the reason for the attack are unclear the foreign ministers of greece and macedonia are meeting with the us on boy today to work out a long running dispute over the use of the name macedonia joanna kakissis has more from athens the dispute began in nineteen ninetyone as you could slavia fell apart macedonia used to be a republic in yugoslavia so declared independence using the same name but greece has a province also called macedonia and more importantly the.

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