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It looks as though the the Democrats went out on the wrong limb here today in the course that's on a you'll hear it represented on the alphabet soup networks make it sound like when he got out now I get there many times I have heard that this is a lot of negative thing about it be Jim beach Maxine waters like a see a number sheet and they they all got her right off of the front page of the papers that's the best thing they've ever done I haven't heard it page for the fun impeach forty fun in a long time you have my husband brought this up last night he was asking me a question he said what happened to the lady with the bad hair then I looked at them I said the lady with a by the way he also think he thinks that a city is hot but not a he I said that one lady with the bad hair videos you know the big mouth California's later the bad hair so I said aunt Maxine crazy and maxi said yeah yeah yeah what happened I haven't heard from her in a long time I said I know I mean it's like I sort of miss the days of impeach followed a fad the net lay down here with the hat Frederica Wilson say that to not like Maxine nobody says it like Maxine Smith act I know I have that sound somewhere we should make that a permanent drop in page forty five it's strictly a making for you just someplace like the better one yeah that's true because I can't find it to be he crawled down disco then and be I just close that out because this show so for but I did want to let you know.

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