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Okay. So you could have in the close credits had them roll over that number. So it would be kind of like an extra within the movie. Yeah. We actually did discuss that call me. But why did you why did you not do that? Because it felt weird. It felt like you're going way backwards in the movie it felt like you're like, oh now we're back to him as a young, man. Like it didn't quite work. My daughter and her friends were so pissed they're like how could you cut that? I may have made a mistake I will openly admit that. I may have made a mistake on that one. But boy it did not quite feel right? We tried and tried that was probably our biggest cut in the movie. I mean, the nice thing is most of the other stuff state in. But that was a tough one. So making vice was a very eventful period for you. You had a heart attack before the movie was finished. Thank goodness you survived and seemed to be in good shape. Now, what point of the movie were you in when you realize you're having a heart attack? We had just finished a filming. I think we'd raft for about a week. And it's that period where the editor is putting together the Iraq assembly of the movie Hank Corwin was working on its you kind of have this little week and a half two week break. And you know, I have a company with will Ferrell Keri Sanchez productions where I was working on TV and movies. So I was doing a little bit of work producing. And I just realized I was not in the best shape. I put on weight during the movie, I was foolish enough to continue smoking not a ton. But I was you know, about a half, a pack a day below half a pack a day, and it just I didn't feel good. My doctor was warning me. And I was working out with my trainer and in the middle of it. My hands started tingling and my stomach felt queasy. We'll those aren't normally symptoms you think of with a heart attack, usually think of pain in the chest and the arm, and so I told. My train her on fine. I'm fine. I'm just tired. This is just weird, and he laughed and his soon as he left. I remembered the heart attack seem shot with bail when he was running for congress in Wyoming in the late seventies and pale. It asked me said how do you want to do the heart attack? You want it to be a pain in the arm the chest. He goes, I could also do the queasy stomach. That's really common. And I remember asking him like, what do you mean? I've never heard that before queasy stomach, and he goes, oh, yeah. It's very common. And so that moment just flashed back to me while I was sitting on the couch, and I went holy Lord..

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