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The following is a conversation with anya. Fernald co-founder of bell kampe farms that was founded with the purpose to create meat. That's good for people. The planet and the animals specifically treating their animals as ethically as possible in this she sought to revolutionize the meat industry from the inside out. She's also scholar and practitioner of regenerative agriculture. And she's a chef who has appeared many times judge on iron chef plus. She has one of my favorite food related instagram's on top of that. She's also a longtime friend of andrew. Cuban which is how. I got connected. Quick mention of our sponsors gala games athletic greens forcing matic and fundraise. Check them out in the description support spot guests as a side note. Let me say that. I got a chance to visit and spend a few days with anya at belco farms in northern california. I met many animals there from cows two pigs and saw the amazing land on which they grazed. I butchered meat. I washed on your cook. Many amazing meals. I ate raw meat and cooked meat and spend long hours at the bonfire talking with friends and listening to the sounds of nature. I hiked swam in a cold mountain lake and slept in a tent underneath the stars. It was an amazing eye opening experience. Especially in my first ever visit to a slaughterhouse. The term slaughterhouse is haunting in itself. The animals i met lived a great life. But in the end they were slaughtered in the most ethical way possible but slaughtered nevertheless seeing animals with from just the day before made connection be converted to meet that i then consumed was deeply honest to me. This ethical farm bell campo represents less than one percent of animals raised in the united states. The rest is factory farmed. I cannot escape. The thought of the forty to fifty billion animals worldwide raised in terrible conditions on these factory farms. I spent most of my life thinking about and being in contact with human suffering for the landscape of suffering in the minds of conscious beings is much larger than humans..

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