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The way. That audio clip was not played with the express written consent of Major League baseball, so Sorry. 808 01 89 99. The nationwide number here on Schmidt, 808 01 89 99 is how you get on the program. Speaking of sports. We also have some n ba players which we were. We were talking about the bubble and leaving the bubble and in all the issues with the bubble and how about a player was supposed to go to Atlanta for his father's funeral, but ended up Being spotted at a nudie bar, a strip club crazy and well. How about conspiracy theories? How about an MBA player? How about Michael Porter Jr from the Denver Nuggets jumping all over the vaccine? Population control conspiracy theory. Garbage up, please, like we need this. Ah, boy. The forward for the Nuggets. Michael Porter Jr. On a Snapchat question answer last night told fans that he thinks the corona virus epidemic Is being used for Control, he says. Personally, I think the Corona virus is being used obviously, for a bigger agenda. It's being used for population control. In terms of being able to control the masses of people. The whole world is being controlled. You require toe wear masks. And who knows what will happen When this vaccine comes out? You might have to have the vaccine or to travel like that would be crazy. And of course, there's nothing to substantiate these claims and the Nutty Miss, and that's part of the problem Here is, it's believe that maybe 1/4 or Mohr of the American population would refuse to get a Corona virus vaccine. Even after testing might show that it is safe and effective. We shall see. Look at this pile. I have a lot to get to here momentarily. So I want you to hang on. If you want to try to get in, folks 808 01 89 99 808 01 89 99. The nationwide number here on Schmidt let me see this anymore in this audio bite with Major league baseball. I think I played the bulk of it, though. And.

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