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Com he goes. I saw this commercials. And i thought it was a joke so i checked it out. It's real and she killing. Ill goes he goes yet it's real. I did the same thing. I went to the site to find out. If it's real. I mean when you got shaquille o'neal ernie johnson. You know charles barkley talking about your your business in singing the jingle i mean. That's crazy isn't it. I would say so. Definitely i mean you found your way into the nba hanging with the kardashians on snl. Sky's the limit ellen. Degeneres did a whole skit on it on her. Show the country music awards with This is years ago but kellyanne. Or what's her name. Kelly underwood carrie underwood carrie underwood. She comes out with country singer and the opening of the awards. This big time country music awards on terrible with names our whatever. His name is his voice. Now blake shelton. Yeah blake shelton a broke down. I'm here for you at the names. Yeah good keep going. I guess he just broke up or something. And so kelly underwood base layers. Whatever his name is he comes out and they start singing go. Don't worry because you don't have to be lonely. At farmers only dot com. Oh my god. Yeah and on watching no highest state game in the national finals. It's like one of the highest rated ones ever twenty fifteen i think twenty fifteen and all of a sudden they did a thing where jimmy kimmel did a contest who had the most creative poster in the stadium and for jimmy come alive and he chose the one that said urban meyer met his wife fund farmers only okay now every time to stuff happens my phone like up with taxed going. Oh my god. I'm watching the game. You know how did you get on. How did you get an halftime on ours. State final the national football. And i go. i didn't i didn't set up same thing with the country music in saint every time that hollywood uses farmers only everybody thinks i set it up. No it's their writers. Their creative people go somehow. They just throw it in their family. Guy did a whole skit on farmers only so again. There's there's like literally a lot of these but it is kind of amazing. How all based idea that remember. Some people told me it was the stupidest idea ever and again back to your audience. I know you have a lot of entrepreneurs have good idea. That's based on a need and that's important thing not just. Everybody tries to build a better mouse trap and they ninety nine point nine percent.

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