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Say i'm not surprised at all but at this point last year the owners did something monumental they made a contribution almost one hundred million dollars to the players coalition to all the causes to all these players malcolm jenkins doug ball when all these all the great things these guys are doing now it's just going to be just an afterthought might we'll never talk about that contribution to make because it should have been followed up with something ninety million dollars should have been followed up with the policy that took the players voice in mind that they did care so for me just like the sterling brown this is just evidence i know that they don't care i know they don't care and yesterday what they did was even more evidence of that what about the policy itself is there any is there anything to the fact that players are allowed to stay in the locker room or if they want to protest can stay in a locker room that now this turns maybe a little bit more turmoil rather than unity because you're gonna have different fractions on teams who are in our out i mean does it actually solve the issue that the nfl intended to when it was first laid out shoes sold the main they're just trying a mean the ninety million dollars looks more like hush money than it looks like a partnership i just keep mouth shut here's ninety million dollars let's let's make sure that we don't mess with our business i don't believe that i mean of of a bunch of guys at walk room you know we'll start having we'll have counters you know we'll have somebody going okay you know so and so and so it was not out there you know and so i don't think it alleviates the issue it puts it closes closes drape on a messy bedroom it closes the people come over to your house and your kid's bedrooms of mass and you ask them clean up and they didn't what you do you leave the doors open or you shut them you shut them zell that rooms off limits right now and that's really what it does it's it's closing drapes.

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