Joe Exotic speaks out after husband Dillon Passage's DWI arrest

Hard Factor


Joe exotic husband dylan passage got busted for dui and minor texas. On sunday evening police pullovers dodge challenger go figure go figure that guy's got a challenger in the thirteen six hundred block of us highway ninety manner. According to the reports quote mr passage made officers where his social status and marriage to fame. Joe donald passage aka the tiger king on scene the incident so immediately he pulled tiger king card manner. Police said in a release so yeah he's like you know that tiger king guy. I used to bang him. Yeah like that's gonna play with texas. You're like now. We're definitely searching. Yes yeah according to the arrest affidavit. One stop passage told. The officer just left the domain where he was at seventy seven degrees rooftop patio bar and he said he had three maderas. Right so yeah. I don't know he also he also thought it. Would you pass a three breathalyzer. after three. Even five minutes he'd probably be under. He also always thought it was seven thirty pm and it was one thirty. Am so the wrong day. So i don't know how many bells that takes for a guy. His size would take probably six mandela's well he's pretty small. Yeah he was lik is taken to the internet. Joe exotic brought the heat with a comment from jail. saying in. Regards to dylan's recent troubles. I'm just glad that no one was hurt. Learning such a lesson that drinking and driving is something we take very seriously. I love my husband will be here for him just at he. He has been there for me. If we all learn something from this. It's not okay to be irresponsible and drink and drive a hope that the news media will cover this sees that a flawed system not only affect the person's in my life but it also affects that person's entire family. Alcohol was not a problem for dylan. When i was home. Hash tag free. Joe exotic hashtag. Pardon joe exotic hashtag. Help free joe so guys. This whole thing could have been avoided if joe had been out. Somehow he commented from jail. King mark wins his damn twenty. Thirty seven's a long

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