Exciting Prospects on show as Jumps Racing really starts!


Pencil full of lead so there would have been arguing that the potato race was the race of cheltenham but latest exhibition gets beaten I'm very biased. Here i love this source and Therefore i need to get your unbiased opinion on him. I will just say this before you start off. He jumped impeccably. Know that my say say i totally agree that yeah definitely teach face confidence for this. Wholesomeness performance He finished the ground. Didn't they eat junk so much. Snicker down we in his chasing debut. Galway which he wants a clearly. He's improved again here and he saito the way to the line and he was always going to make off into shape as so fall proved to be the case in. Rachel always looks so much. More comfortable bar included relates exhibition. She had a hands buried in the back of the hoses. Next down the back straight. Whereas brian kupa had his obeys benson this half themes ads late his exhibition long strides. Just even hold his position. Say you need from quite out late. Sex addition wasn't going as well as pencil leads and pencil full alleged. Got in a little tight to the side. Lives but rachel game squeeze after that and he found plenty as we so she knew she had plenty left and upstream malls. This should be more to come. Still and maestra too. I think you've been irish national coming in on this. Spring could be the prophet race the missiles they season with the records and offices have in the race. So that was the instant soul to the law. On that got. You know he likes. The heavy grounds. Knows what he's gonna need to spring ground but he just has kind of profiling father thank oxley long way away even further away than the bench. Come onto the bridge that animates exhibition as he. Just he just didn't look entirely fee down the back straight Debrecen kuprin eludes as he needs. Plenty father as well as we know. But i just think he's been beaten by rainy. Nice little sarah. She don't think he's going to go down as beaten. Eight to eleven favourite. He was actually that disgrace. I do think pennsylvania is really nice.

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