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This is Joe beningo. Join me Nevin Roberts tomorrow for the first time since September. No football this weekend. But Brian Billick these Super Bowl winning coach at a two thousand ravens. He will join us, and we'll look ahead to Super Bowl. Fifty three will also do a lot of basketball the nets and the Knicks get together. We'll throw some baseball in their little hot stove. Also have who tickets to give away in the noon hour Roberts on the fan. Ten to one sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM, New York, a cold stove. Just what iron metal? I mean, a lot of times the stove is cold. If it was hot all the time. The costs would be through the roof. So I guess I'll hot stove is a good thing. It's like a cold refrigerator. They'll kind of an obvious thing to me. But I'm you know, I told you that we were going to have willy nilly on the program today. Who was an aspiring defensive end in the NFL, but he did not make it because everyone seemed to be able to run around willy nilly. Oh, I put that on Twitter today. People were trying to shoot me through the computer. Oh about bad jokes. Oh, willy nilly. That's what I like about this show. My buffoonery is acceptable at this hour. Idiocy like dove Kramer wrote today that that would be the first Yankee to have the number zero. And then he also wrote after that. That he'd also be the first Yankee to have the first letter of his name as his number. And I said dove little too much time on your hands at the Kramer house today and he answered back. I thought that was very Morrish of me to make that comment to which I said, yes, it is my type of idiocy, but I did not expect it from you. So these are the kind of things that happen behind the scenes here at the fan. Shall we get to the phones you people love to talk? Don't you not like me quiet as a church mouse Basilio in the Bronx? Basilio what's up? My brother. Have you told me, my friend? What's going on? I just came up with an idea. God, do you know how those things are ruin everything they do. But you know, what just like these games over the weekend mistake make for perfection. Yes. They do. So me and a couple of my brothers, including Pete was saying, you know, why don't we just have an extra period in which instead of the coin flip decided who gets the ball, whatever the visiting team is whoever it is. They get the ball first. But that also gives the other team a chance to get the ball. And after they finish playing dispirit if school happens to be the same. Then we go into sudden, I'm with you. I'm with you. I think Basilio I think that's the best way think ten minutes. And I think you got a guarantee that each especially in the sports. Here's the thing that I have that. I believe it is inherently unfair. The sport takes half the team off the field. While the other half plays. If you're on defense and your team is on offense. You sit there you're a spectator. Like, I am. So to tell in this case, Pat, Mahomes and company you will not affect the outcome of this game. You will have no participation in the outcome of this game. If the other team scores touchdown in this case, the patriots you Kansas City. Offense will have no opportunity in the overtime to be a part of the football game. That's what you're telling them. What the rule now we can all talk about being a team game. And I agree with that. It is a team game the ultimate team game. You rely on each other. Great players have not one Super Bowls. Dan marino's? Barry Sanders cetera. You need to be a well oiled machine. I get all that. But we all admit now that the rules favor. Offense this past weekend the top four offenses in the NFL all were on display in the final four top four offenses top four teams. What happens you go to overtime you give one offense the ball? The other team never sees the ball. Again, why would the NFL do that? Well in large part because they can because you have no power over them. And these are the type of decisions that are made by monopolies when they feel no pressure from the outside. Colin Kaepernick taken a deflate gate spy gate. Brady this Ray rice Adrian Peterson. Greg hardy. You name the incident accident or situation. None of it has been more than a surface scratch to this league. You can't hurt them. You can't hurt them. So you get poor decisions. But they sat in a room and decided will flip the coin. And we'll give the ball the one team if they score touchdown the game's over have it isn't that kind of weird. The other team has a really great offense. And they lose the coin flip and the fans don't get see the other team at all. And see if they school. It doesn't matter. We've gotta get the game over with. Okay. Jim in Maine is next on the fan. Jim. Hey, Chris good. What's up Chris of an opening? Nobody wants to know an addict, right? No, nobody wants to know. And they certainly don't want to be told by somebody else that they're an addict. That's right. And you know, all the calls. I'm listening to I never heard one person say, hey, I'm handing in my season tickets because of that. No. And there's always someone there to replace them for the for the half of one percent that are anxious to get out and say, that's it. I've had enough. Addicts behind. Yeah. Exactly and ninety nine and a half percent of their audiences. Plenty they can lose that half percent. Just five hockey question for you. Hockey. Yeah. The guy play hard every night, and sometimes the bucks she go in under time. Maybe not for that. And when the lights go on all the people jumped down and up. It's a great organization the organization work art every night and devoid all go out and get their Eric hot. It's a good thing. It's not that they go to the Dunkin Donut Horder the big one. I am a static. I understand you should I I would not have thought that they would have been remotely in a physician. But here we are. So trade deadline is coming up. I wanted to get your opinion on what you think they need. I think you know, I did point. You know, they're playing well within the system. I don't know if you have to go out, and they go and get and bring a high profile, you know, we could use another goal scorer. Sure. But man, we're scoring goals. I would like to see a guy like Brian Boyle coming near put him on the third line and just roll with it. Yeah. I think it should be a minor tweak to Jim because when you have I mean, it matters in hockey, you're rolling over four lines. And we just talked about a sport where you bring half the team off the field while the other half is on hockey roll him over right? I mean, maybe the fourth line doesn't get as much ice time as the first and second, and obviously special teams, etc. But in general, everybody's important if you dress unless you're the backup goaltender you know, you're going to play a role in the game. And when you have that chemistry working in guys believing in each other and filling their roles, you don't wanna toy with it, especially when you're surprised team on the upside. So I don't I don't. I think you've got to tread very carefully. If your little Amarillo and Brian trottier in terms of how you mess with the chemistry of your team there. You don't get overly greedy on the other hand, you know, it's fifty games not eighty and they're tough road trips to come and you may get injuries. So you can't count your chickens anywhere, especially not in this league. But. You know, they're playing with confidence. They're playing team hockey. They're getting good goaltending. Good goaltending from two guys. So I'd be careful and a third guy. A third line guy like boil is. Makes more sense to me than messing at the top or making a some kind of blockbuster deal. Because you think you know, we're one player away you take take away to to get one. Even though those two may not be. I guess what? I'm trying to say is the role of a player. Outside of the fact that whether he can score goals, and you see it in statistics in statistics. Those guys know better what works together, and I just think they should tread very carefully before they make any changes. Nate a Long Island is next on the fan date. Name are you going to call her? My name is data. And I'm an addict. Yeah. In all seriousness. I I'd like to make my main point about the overtime. And if this time about the non-qualified well about the overtime. I think that a lot of your points or right on right on point. I think that part of it is I mean if you remember only a few years ago if you had a field goal in overtime the game. Because it was bad and they did change it to their credit. Right. And and I fully agree with that change. But I think that part of it is as they changed the role offense is kind of a lag when they don't realize it if eaten the side effects. And the. That happened as a result of the the rules that benefit the often. So what one of them is the fact that yes to get very frustrating. When your team doesn't get on the field on the other side. I think that it is a valid point that the that it is a team sport. But definitely it's something that I think will change time goes on again because I think there's a lag between the increase in offense. And the fact that I'm catching up to the unintended consequences of that. Yeah. I mean, I'll tell you what I would. I would kick around a lot of different things. I could go to fourteen minute quarters. If I wanted to instead of fifteen minute quarters, if I was worried about the length of the game and worried about some of these factors that that are angering people and take four minutes off the game. I would consider doing that. I don't know if it would work, and I'm not sure that I might not change back after I tried it. But being more open minded, and realizing that. That both teams have to touch the ball overtime. Have the chance overtime. Is. Is only I mean, I can't believe you have to argue it, you know, I can't believe you really have to even discuss it in a manner of. Like, I got to explain to people. Why? Both teams should have a chance in the overtime. Regardless to pass something that doesn't allow that. Is to me crazy. His crazy AJ Staten Island next on the fan. I'm Jay what's up? Hey, Chris I to change topics on your baseball a little bit. All right. So I know I wanted to talk about the hall of fame real quick, you know, kind of tied into what what's going on right now with the young baseball players that a lot of people in the media go. These guys are pretty much saying that these guys are feature whole famous people like Bryce Harper Machado. You know, I see people like Adam watching you get in and it took so long for him to get in. And you look at the Clinton career that he had guys like Bryce Harper. This guy hit three hundred one year. He's been baseball for seven years. You guys. Do you guys? Get a call him the hall of Famer and you look back at career like somebody like waiting for a ten year period better over three hundred ten years. Well, we we know now that averages are much lower across the board. Right. But you know, with the contracts now, you know, I think the agents have to change their mindset instead of going so high you guys don't make a competitive for anybody to you know. You go back and forth. And and really try to raise the stakes in in and get that contract actually thirty you know, what you guys want. Instead, it's starting off, you know. But I think the problem is is that with the arbitrator plays making enough money on the front end. So you look at somebody like derogated we made a lot of money. You would think over the years. He's only made if you average all the money he's made over the eighteen years. He played only make fourteen million dollars a year. The first seven years he made eleven million dollars the oldest one he's players want. It's not a rational it back. Well, it's not irrational. It's definitely. You know, people say, you know, he's been here from thirty million dollars. If you look at the market, you would be to if you're in at industry. Absolutely, exactly, right. It's just hard for any fan and always has been this. This is nonsense. Catfish hunter? Right. And. I think the town in baseball has gone up over the years. But I think the quality that they put it down. So I think that, you know, the mental mindset and and their approach is really. Breaking away from the game. It's all about it's all home runs or nothing. I mean at the batting average down twenty five points in the past twenty year career, and you're grading on a curve of today's player, you know, but someone from today's game is going to get in. So it is very reasonable to talk about Bryce Harper and Manny Machado McNair hall of fame because if they don't do will. I mean, you might trout I mean, it's very reasonable because they are the best of today's game. Now, you may not like today's game as much as you like the old game because the batting average is so much lower. But it doesn't change the fact that someone from today's game is going to get in. And it's likely going to be those guys. I would certainly bet on them. Even if they're number even if they don't hit three hundred the game has changed and they're going to be judged based on the group that they played with their peers their time eight seven seven three three seven sixty sixty six Chris more with you on the fan. What if every time you went out you could cash in now with the Capital One saver card?.

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