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S my soul. Isu- people that. Listen to like the murderer podcasts. While they go to sleep. So that's not as weird you're talking about. I don't know. I just fall asleep. It doesn't bother me. Thirteen like as she stabbed the man. Thirty seven yeah. He's going good night. The knife into hers chest little stabbing noises. That may be a niche market. We need to tap into some are like order murder stab me and world record. He doesn't have to be your chest. You'd be like you're on the go somewhere. He's like dory of leading out but we're recording. We're going got a lot of fat mike. It's gotta be offense going through something important for oh so. The enfield poltergeist was actually in enfield london. England between nineteen seventy seven and nineteen seventy nine and actually involved. Two sisters in the family was having issues with essentially what you would expect from ables or guys. They're both very aggressive. They're having bouts of lake weird voices where both of their voices would go very very deep. There's pictures of them levitating which have also been considered possibly a hoax because it kind of looks like just jumped off their beds and then they someone like took a picture of them. There's actually voice recordings of the kids doing that. The deep voice also spooky style. We'll have to like show you guys after but the voice recordings are very creepy and they put them in the movie to daily reaganesque like when she. Oh absolutely worse like. It's kind of hard like as someone that might not automatically be like. Oh i think possessions are real for the time period that it is shows creepy creepy the time period it's in the seventies and it's recorded on something that you can't alter super well right now and the fact that a tiny nine year old and a tiny eleven year old that you're like how the fuck are they doing that it would be..

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